Silence (March 7)


Sometimes it is best to keep your good fortune to yourself. As much as you want to share that new home, new car, lottery win or that income tax return with friends or co-workers it is not always the best idea. Please know that everyone is not for you and may be jealous of your good fortune; some may even plot to separate you from what is rightfully yours.
We all read about or watched the sad story of a young lady who received a tax return of $3,000 and reportedly shared the good news with a co-worker. Allegedly that co-worker made plans to make that money her own. The plan failed on all levels. The rightful owner of the money died of a gunshot wound, and the trio who thought they had the “master plan” are locked up. This was such a sad story.
This is tax season, people, and you may be getting a return—direct deposit is a good option for any dollar amount. Carrying around cash is so unsafe. Yes, this is all hindsight and we all know the saying, “hindsight is 20/20.” After a long career in banking I know that a lot of people have unique opinions about bank accounts and where they stash their cash. People, you have to find a safe place to keep your money. Financial literacy should be a course taught in our schools. Young and old alike need to understand the importance of balancing their accounts, what the consequences are if you overdraw the account and how to save your money for the things that you want and need like rent, a car and your utilities.
So let’s get back to that good fortune you may want to keep to yourself. Mum is the word when you come into large sums of money. That is the one thing you don’t need to share with everyone. Especially those you don’t know well. These are very desperate times and what seems like a small amount to you is a lot of money to someone else. When you come into a windfall, keep it to yourself and have your own private celebration. If you watch Court TV you will see the majority of the cases are over unpaid loans. Friends or family want to borrow money from you and then when you ask for your money back they act like they don’t know what you are talking about. Manage your money, protect your money and keep your good fortune to yourself.
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