Field Negro…Pets, trump, and Putin.

TWEET MEI am now convinced that the only way Americans would be appalled by the man they elected president, is if he were to physically abuse a dog on national television. This of course would most Americans. The die hard trumpbots would probably stick with him. “Eh, I was  cat person anyway.”
Let’s face it, we Americans love our pets. Hurting a pet might be the only thing that could diminish trump’s stature in the eyes of many.
Consider the following: A dog is tragically killed on an airline, and it’s a major news story for days.
Two African American men are blown to smithereens in Austin, Texas, and it doesn’t become a major news story until two white men are INJURED while riding their bicycles in a “peaceful” Austin neighborhood.
And speaking of the aforementioned Donald trump, he is now calling for drug dealers to get the death penalty. Go figure. And did you notice that he wants the death penalty for those who deal in opioids? Why only opioids? Why not heroin and crack? I will tell you why. Take a look at the population that is most affected by this particular drug epidemic.
Let me say for the record that I have known a few accused drug dealers in my life, and I can honestly say that while what they did for a living was obviously wrong, they did not deserve the death penalty. The truth is, some of them were better human beings than this president.
But he has done this before. Remember when he called for the death penalty for the Central Park Five?Fortunately for those young men —who have now been proven innocent— he did not get his wish.
Can you imagine what kind of country we would live in if this wannabe despot had his way? “What?! He criticized me on his blog and on twitter? Off with his head. I don’t like what that Joy Reid character is saying on MSNBC, can we have her arrested?”

Tuesday, in keeping with his love for totalitarians, Mr. trump called the leader of Russia, his boss, Vladimir Putin, to congratulate him on his rigged election victory in Russia.  We are all scratching our heads over that one, especially given Russia’s behavior towards our allies of late.

“I had a call with President Putin and congratulated him on the victory, his electoral victory,” Trump said during his meeting with Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia. “The call had to do also with the fact that we will probably get together in the not too distant future so that we can discuss arms, we can discuss the arms race.”

Stop lying Mr. President , we all know you will be discussing how you can get those pictures back.


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