Tackling your closet (March 28)


My closet is packed. It is so packed that I have now taken what was a very generous-sized guest room and made it into a dressing room/closet. The room is a work in progress and I think it will be fabulous when it is finished. I better take some before-and after pictures.
While I was cleaning out some of my 8,000 emails I ran across an email from a secondhand clothing company called Thredup. They posted “how to clean out your closet in 24 minutes.” Amazing! Only 24 minutes! This is something that I have to share with you.
In the first minute you are to set aside two areas. One for selling and one for donating. Make sure all the items you want to sell are good enough to give to a friend. I guess I better use the stopwatch on my phone. In the next three minutes take out all clothing that needs dry cleaning or repairs. Not worth the money or the hassle? Donate. Uh oh, I can think of two jackets that I have not worn because they are missing buttons. I’m going to get those buttons.
Now you are to take two minutes and cut the clutter. Store all special occasion dresses and shoes and off-season items in boxes under your bed. What? I don’t know about that. I did buy a few see-through boxes to store a few dresses. We’ll see.
Now take five minutes to pull out 10 items you haven’t worn in the last year. Depending on their condition, decide what to donate and what to sell. Take three minutes and do a jeans audit. Butt too tight? Length not quite right? Own 10 pairs in a size that fit you five years ago? Time to let go. I can think of a few pairs of jeans that must go to the donate pile.
Take 10 minutes and sort into piles by category and purge duplicates. Do you own five cream colored sweaters? It’s easier to edit when you can see everything you own. Now that is the part that scares me, seeing everything that I own. I know in this house somewhere there are at least 10 black turtlenecks. That is a staple that I must have. And you need multiples so you don’t have to wash them too often and they fade out. I’m going to give this a try, 24 minutes or a half hour, what do I have to lose? I may even get organized in the process.
It’s time for another book giveaway. The next title that I am gifting is “Harlem Nocturne: Women Artists & Progressive Politics During World War II” by Farah Jasmine Griffin. Henry Louis Gates said the author offers dazzling treatments of the lives and works of three Black female artists whose goals for social justice and democracy extended far beyond the borders of their artistic medium and their own identities. The book can be yours by sending an email with “I want Harlem Nocturne” in the subject line.
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