To Tell The Truth …Sylvia Wilson: Another Black Wonder Woman (March 28)


I have always known that Wonder Woman was not an imaginary person created by television. She was a portrayal of super women, whose actions from the time they embarked from slave ships to the present were above and beyond the normal.
I remember viewing a portrait of a real old Black woman and the caption read, “I pray that our enslaved children will one day be free men and women.” Black women have performed in super roles all of their lives, as mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, wives, stepmothers, etc. Their responsibilities have been educators, nurses, doctors, secretaries, physiologists, cooks, bakers, laundresses, and much too frequent, the dual responsibility of mother and father. This multitude of rules unquestionably defines these persons as Wonder Women.
This week’s column highlights the career of Sylvia Wilson, a Wonder Woman who resides in Pittsburgh. Sylvia was born in the North Hills and was one of 10 brothers and sisters, and in her formative years was raised in East Liberty. The family was typical of the times; never enough of an income, a lot of us recall vividly that situation. A great number of persons in the identical situation were overwhelmed and just gave up and adopted the attitude that there’s nothing I can do and things will never change.
Sylvia, at a very early age, proved to be an above-average student with a great potential, and there were some educators who took an interest in her. After graduating from college, she became a teacher and it was her first introduction to a union, and the beginning of a lifetime of being involved in union activities. She became active in politics as a Democrat, the local and national level. Another positive step in her life was when she ran for a position on the Pittsburgh School Board and still is an active member. Sylvia currently is the elected Chairperson of the Alcosan Board and the first Black female in the history of the board.
Sylvia has a busy schedule but she was convinced to run for the position of Democratic Chairperson of the 12th ward and she was elected with an overwhelming majority. All of Sylvia’s commitments are focused on improving the quality of life for people and it takes a true Wonder Woman to fill the role.
Allow me to close with a list of how Sylvia uses her God-given gifts to help people. Active in Holy Cross Church, union activities, Chairperson of the 12th ward Democratic Party, all are vehicles that can enhance the growth of people.
Thanks, Sylvia Wilson, for performing the role of WONDER WOMAN.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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