Jerry’s Pizza on the Hill, and 1968 Pipers reunion coming soon! (April 18)


:10—I’ll begin with this week’s most important topic. I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Mrs. Doris Miller for her enormous commitment and dedication to the success of this column. My thanks, and it goes without saying, I could not have done it without you! I’m just sayin’!!!
:09—You all can keep listening to Kevin Cameron…(the professional’s professional) or you can take this to the bank. Your Pittsburgh Pirates are for real…for now!
:08—The NFL draft is coming your way Thursday, April 26. Something tells me that Coach Tomlin is going to take Lamar Jackson out of Louisville. And why not? Big Ben will give you two more years and Jackson will be ready. Done and done.
:07—Oh by the way, the next time you’re at 2443 Wylie Avenue…the home of Jerry’s Pizza…get one man! That’s right son. A brother is throwing pizza on the Hill and it’s good. It’s called progress. (Whatever you do, don’t tell Mr. Doss, Stephan, Rob or Ashley I gave Jerry the shoutout. You know they don’t play that at the New Pittsburgh Courier.) (Hey Jerry, if that don’t say free pizza, I don’t know what does…fancy Italian word goes here!)
:06—Look, the 76ers may not win the NBA title; for that matter, they may not win the East, but the return from injury for Joel Embiid will make it very interesting. And by now you know Ben Simmons is the truth. They’re in a “heated” battle in the first round of the playoffs right now with…the Miami “Heat.”
IRA HARGE, right, with Connie Hawkins and Gabe Rubin, owner of the Pittsburgh Pipers.

:05—That being said, I stand pat with my earlier prediction…with a slight twist. I had Boston winning the East, but without Kyrie Irving, that ain’t gonna happen. So now it’s back to the Cavs and they will fall to Golden State yet again.
:04—Talk is all over the Internet. Who’s the greatest athlete of all time? Here are my top five. What say you? #1 – Jim Thorpe. #2 – Jim Brown. #3 – Muhammad Ali. #4 – Bo Jackson. #5 – Wilt Chamberlain.
:03—The Masters has come and gone, but please stop crying for Tiger Woods. The man is worth $740 million and trust me, he ain’t crying for you.
:02—A reminder for you sure nuff basketball fans. The 2018 induction of the Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League Hall of Fame will include: Jeff Baldwin-“Rankin Gangster,” Gary Nelson-“The Dons,” Jimmy Nichols-“Heatwave,” James Ellie-“Cosmic Echoes,” Levi Taylor-“Homewood Horses,” Rico Appendanza-“Rico’s Boys,” Marcus Tomlin-“The Dons,” Keith Starr-“The Force,” Nate Duck- “Homewood Horses,” Kevin Murphy-“Clairton’s Finest,” Marvin Bailey-“The Nets,” Steve Vandivier, Gerald Warwick, Maurice Brown-“Champions,” Stu Lyons-“The Dons.” Saturday, May 5, 6 p.m. at the Marriott Hotel, Downtown Pittsburgh. For information, call 412-628-4856.
JIM JARVIS, left, who played with the Pittsburgh Pipers.

:01—Pictured are members of the 1968 World Champion Pittsburgh Pipers coming to Pittsburgh Friday, May 4, and Saturday, May 5 for the 50-year anniversary salute and memorial to the late, great Connie Hawkins, featuring special guest speaker, Pitt Hall of Fame legend, NBA All-Star and scoring champion, Billy Knight. For ticket information, call Achieving Greatness Inc. at 412-628-4856. This is a Mark Cuban, New Pittsburgh Courier, Highmark, Pittsburgh Penguins and UPMC co-sponsored event.
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