Out of Business (April 18)


It’s sad to see a store post a “going out of business” sign. That sign could mean a lot of things; bad location, poor customer service, lackluster merchandise or not enough sales to keep the doors open. I just paid a visit to two stores during their final days. My goal was to buy clothing racks. The racks are going to be used in my new dressing room. I didn’t want racks that come in a box from a big box store; I wanted professional racks that were designed for lots of clothing. There used to be a store near Duquesne University that sold used store fixtures. As a matter of fact the listing is still on the Internet, but when you call the number it belongs to a company that bought the number but they don’t sell fixtures.
My mission was to search for stores going out of business and wait until the final days when the fixtures are put up for sale. It doesn’t hurt to spread the word to friends so they can scout out stores that you may not be aware of. That is how I found two of my racks. Sears in Ross Park Mall was going out of business and I had no idea. A good friend who lives in the north was shopping in Ross Park Mall with his family and called me to tell me to jump in my car and head to Sears for a great deal on store fixtures. I was just finishing a fashion show, I ran home, jumped into a pair of jeans and shoes suitable for fast-walking and numerous trips from store to car. I got two sturdy racks for $30. That was a steal. The sad part of the story is I never shopped in that Sears and really was not aware that there was one in Ross Park Mall. I guess that is why they are no longer in business at that location.
Now my eyes were on the Macy’s in the Waterfront. Not long ago they announced the store was going to close. I passed through during the early days of their closing and the markdowns were not high enough for me to part with my money. Last week I rode by the store and saw a sign that said “last four days.” I knew I had to get there quickly; this is the time when everything is sold to the bare walls. I went back the next day and found a great rack that is suitable for my long gowns. There were also red Styrofoam Macy’s stars on sale for $1. Keep in mind, people, those stars can be spray painted to a color of your choice.
My favorite find was a device that is used to measure your feet to see what size you wear. I think it will look great as an art piece on the wall. This is something you rarely see anymore. I’m sorry the Macy’s and Sears are closed, but my dressing room is looking great and almost finished.
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