Legal Notices 5-9-18

Notice is hereby given pursuant to the provisions of the Fictitious Names Act of Pennsylvania that an application for Registration of a fictitious name (was/will be) filed with the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, for the conduct of a business under the fictitious name of The Neighborhood Nest Childcare with its principal office or place of business at Penn Hills Area, PA 15235. The names and addresses, including street and number, if any, of all persons who are parties to the registration are: Kevon Johnson, 8609 Westwood Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15235.
Notice for Publication
In the Court of Common Pleas of Allegheny County, Orphans’ Court Division, Estate of Stella Patterson, deceased, Case No. 021802619 of 2018: Notice is hereby given that on April 24, 2018, a Petition was filed by Shirley Patterson, to terminate the interests of the heirs and devisees of Stella Patterson, deceased, in the real estate located at 2909 Highland Ave, South Park, PA, 15129, and determine that fee simple title is in Shirley Patterson. If no exceptions to the Petition are filed within 30 days, Petitioner will seek an Order adjudging that the deceased’s title is in herself.


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