What to wear when (May 9)


Last Saturday was Kentucky Derby day and yes, there are plenty of “Derby Day” events right here in Pittsburgh. I love to wear hats and enjoy being a part of hat-centered events. If you are invited to a “hat luncheon” wouldn’t you think you would try and find a hat? That would be a big fat yes. I am always amazed at the inappropriate attire of some people. I’m thinking they do not know what the correct attire is for certain events. The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Hat Luncheon is a big deal in this city and if you attend “you want to come correct.”
I bought my hat a year ago for this year and then worked my outfit around the hat. It happens on the same Saturday each year so not planning for it cannot be an excuse. If you plan to show up, show out. Find a hat that speaks your name and makes a statement. My hat reminded me of Dr. Suess. The hat was tall and grand and it was yellow, teal blue, navy blue and it has rhinestones between each color. Someone asked me what country I was representing. I was so confused by the question and then I realized that she thought my hat were the colors of a flag from a country that she was not familiar with. I told her I was an American and please let’s leave at that.
I was sitting in Bravo! recently waiting for a friend. I’m a people watcher and each person that walked in that restaurant looked worse than the person that came in before them. I always ask myself, do these people have a full length mirror in their house? Do they take a look at how they look before they leave home? Do they check and see if their zipper is down, are they checking to see if toilet paper is dragging from their shoe? Did they cut the grass in that outfit today or wash the car? For me getting dressed is so much fun and yes, I do realize that everyone is not as passionate as I am about their attire, but come on, people, let’s not make casual Friday every day of the week.
If you go to the websites of many restaurants you will find they do have somewhat of a dress code. High-end restaurants normally cater to high-end customers and they don’t want you to come in wearing a wife beater and ball cap. If you are in doubt what to wear to a restaurant call them and ask them. If you receive an invite and are concerned about the attire call the host and ask. It never hurts to ask. I recently attended a black tie event and one gentleman showed up in a sports jacket, he was embarrassed and looked quite out of place. I don’t think he read the invite. When I am going somewhere I always double check the attire and try to fit in. If you are ever confused about what to wear when, just ask.
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