I thank God for his blessings! (May 30)


In the year 1931 at birth I was blessed with the most wonderful parents; yes, it was the first of the multiple blessings over the course of my life. This month of May 2018 was another reminder of my Lord’s blessings. My wife, Gloria, and I on May 8 celebrated our 64th anniversary. We have been blessed with a wonderful family, a host of true friends and a loving church family.
On May 18, 2018 our entire family was in attendance at the graduation of our great grandson’s graduation from high school in Cincinnati, Ohio. In the fall he will be attending the University of Miami, Ohio, on a full scholarship for Pre-Med.
Yes, God blessed us once again. My father died relatively young, but he was a staunch advocate of higher education, his favorite saying was “get all of the education you can, because no one can take an education away.”
That was another blessing that was transferred to his children, grand, great-grand and great great grandchildren. It was a blessing in attendance at the graduation, there were 636 young persons graduating, yes, wall-to-wall persons in attendance of a positive event.
My employment history has been a blessing. My father owned his business, which he founded in 1933. He died in 1953 and my brother and I operated it until 1987. I was the co-founder of the first Allegheny County-wide narcotic squad and was able to witness the mindset of law enforcement when it came to enforcing the law between Blacks and Whites. In 1996 I was appointed Director of MBE Allegheny County and was provided with a golden opportunity to get a crystal clear understanding of how elected officials used taxpayers’ money to enrich select White business persons. I was positioned to fully understand the meanings of low bid, high bid, change orders and that all important no bid…it was replaced with AWARDED. The two terms that made corporations super rich are “awards” and “change orders”
Women and men stop me with great regularity and often congratulate me on a column that I had written. My answer generally is “thank you” and state it has been a 24-year BLESSING.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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