Stick a fork in Lebron and the Cavs…they’re done! (June 6)


:10—For you Aliquippa grads, “aka” means “also known as…” And that means “Overtime” is also known as times up on the regular. Stick a fork in ‘em – The Cavs have been carved up and they’re done!
:09—As you know I’m a registered LeBron hater, but I have to give him props where props are due. LBJ is a bad man and the best on the planet. But he’s no M.J.!
THE CLEVELAND CAVALIERS’ LEBRON JAMES is in his eighth consecutive NBA Finals. The future Hall of Famer has won three championships, but is down, 3-0, in the 2018 NBA Finals against Golden State.

:08—Sidebar here. Not only is he no M.J., he doesn’t make my top five greatest of all-time. That’s right, here we go…#1 Wilt Chamberlin, #2 Michael Jordan, #3 Kareem, #4 Dr. J., #5 Magic. Now put up or shut up—412-628-4856, call me.
:07—Back to the game. Steph Curry is an absolute beast. There’s no denying that. I mean a sure ‘nuff killer and left bodies everywhere this past Sunday night in the Warriors’ big game 2 win. But I am telling ya again, you gotta google Pete Maravich aka “The Pistol” before you anoint Curry the greatest ever. Pete averaged 44.5 a game at LSU…before the “3” was ever thought of. Bam!
:06—Draymond Green is the modern-day Dennis “The Worm” Rodman. D’s you up, rebounds, got your back, but most of all, gets on your damn nerves!!!
:05—I know you want me to get on J. R. Smith, but I can’t find him. I think he’s still running off the court. C’mon, C’mon, C’mon man!
:04–While you Cavs fans want to hang J.R., remember if George Hill had made the foul shot you wouldn’t have this problem. Choke artist!
:03—You can make Kevin Durant #1…#2…#3…Best today. I don’t care where you put him. but know this. No other 6’11” player in NBA history has done what he’s done. Including Bob “Can Do” McAdoo.
:02—I know Steph makes you forget about Klay Thompson, but trust me when I tell ya the Cavs don’t forget. Steph is the fire but Klay is the glue. Strong D, big heart, quiet but deadly and the “3” when you need it. And most importantly, accepts his role. That’s Big!!!
:01—For the lady that works at the Pittsburgh Housing Authority that loves LeBron James, you got it, he’s all yours. “Long Live The King!” (for another two games, then the King is Dead! Ha, Ha, Ha)
:00—You want it, here it is. LBJ and wrong way J.R. Smith and the boys get swept in four. (Unless Golden State wants to throw them a game so they can win it on their own floor…) I’m just sayin!
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