Ding dong, the King is dead…the Wicked King is dead! (June 13)


:10—Let’s get it done. The sooner we cover the fall of a titan the sooner you can get over it and get some sleep. While most everybody on the planet with any level of common sense knew, LeBron was a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Swept by the best, the Golden State Warriors delivered a devastating knockout punch to the much-less talented Cleveland Cavaliers. In the process of the decisive 108-85 thumping on June 8, Kevin Durant inked his second championship MVP. All I can say now is pay up you Cavaliers suckers.
:09—While it’s clear and almost unanimous that K.D. deserved the MVP, a lot can be said about the shooting display put on by the second-greatest shooter I’ve ever seen in the NBA, Steph Curry. Curry could have easily claimed MVP. (Oh, please don’t act like you don’t know…) I’m talkin’ Pete Maravich man! He was the greatest shooter the game’s ever seen. And don’t take my word for it, google Pistol Pete at LSU and try to comprehend 44.5 points per game for a college career without the three-pointer. C’mon man!!!
:08—Can Tiger win the upcoming U.S. Open? Yes! Will Tiger win the open? No! He’s getting there but not there just yet. But he’s coming. Dustin Johnson in a walk.
:07—Listen – to – me – people – and – listen – good. Your Pittsburgh Pirates aren’t done. It’s not over yet. They will rebound from the slump and they will win 80 games. You can take that to the bank! (I think)
:06—The Washington Capitals win the Cup for the first time in their 44-year history. Sorry, that’s all I got!!!
:05—Here’s your movie review, You want it, you love it, you want more of it… “Ocean’s 8” gets three basketballs from me. Sandra Bullock is great, the cast is fantastic, the storyline is easy to follow and fun. Go see it. You know me.
:04—Speaking of great things to see, do yourself a favor and indulge in the first real trilogy…Ali – Frazier I…Ali – Frazier II… and Ali – Frazier III aka the Thrilla in Manila. Man, what a fantastic voyage down memory lane.
:03—For you tennis lovers and wannabees, you still have time to get your “Game On.” Every Saturday from now until Saturday, July 31, you can get free tennis lessons from the Highland Park Tennis Association at the Highland Park Tennis Courts, 9:30 until 11 a.m. Go to the Highland Park Tennis Association for more details. Open for all ages.
:02—Once again, get ready for the event of the summer—Hot Fun In the Summertime…a fashion show extravaganza coming to ya Saturday, July 7 while the fireworks are still poppin’! It lights up at the Racquet Club in Monroeville from 7 to 11 p.m. and includes vendors, 50/50, light hors d’oeuvres, free beverages, cash caterer, free parking, line dancing by Roland Ford, the line dancing king, and a fashion show by the Sensational Models. Call Achieving Greatness Inc. at 412 -628-4856 for information.
:01—Our prayers and thoughts go out to the family of the great Chipper Harris who recently passed away at the too-young age of 60. Harris was an all-time great basketball player at Robert Morris University who twice in a row led the nation in steals and was also a Hall of Fame Inductee in the legendary Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League. Chipper will be missed by family and friends alike.
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