Remembering Chipper Harris and Rod Scott—great friends, superstar athletes (June 20)


:10—Good day…Continued blessings to you and yours. I want to begin this week with that greeting for you and your families in light of the loss of some great friends and superstar athletes. We must be reminded that time can be short. Chipper Harris, a first-team Connie Hawkins League Hall of Famer, passed away several weeks ago. A bona fide superior athlete out of New Kensington. While he was best known for his basketball skills, Chip was also a Division I status defensive back. But the hoop court is where the real “thievery” took place. Literally! While at Robert Morris he and Mark McCloud combined to lead the nation in steals in back-to-back D-I years. Always a smile on his face, a great person as well as a great talent…Chip now joins “The All-Heaven Hoops Team.” Chip, go in for “Jeep!” Ya’ll know.
It’s truly hard for me to believe that just a few short weeks ago I was enjoying a Pepsi with this gentleman at Jeff Baldwin and mom’s surprise birthday party. At that time he was comfortable and confident that all was good and better days were ahead. To my good friend, Rod Scott, may you rest in peace. We know the past few months were challenging to say the least. But if you knew Rod, challenges were his thing. As a great defensive player on a great Duquesne University team with B.B. Flenory and the Bruce Atkins, Rod accepted the challenge as a stopper…Taking on the assignment of shutting down the opposition’s best player. My guess is given his playing days at Duquesne and his enormous love for golf, his greatest achievement would be that of being father to two tremendous children, Shayla and Tyler Scott, both great basketball players in their own right. On this Father’s Day we say “May God Bless you, Rod, you now join Heaven’s Hoopers”… Go in for “Giss!” Ya’ll know.
:09—My partner and co-host on my radio sports talk show, “Soul Take — Champions Live” still believes Tiger will win another four majors. Well, I can tell ya this, it wasn’t this year’s U.S. Open! He didn’t even make the cut this past weekend! Hey Tiger, love ya, man and ya don’t have to go home but ya gotta get the heck outta here!!!
:08—An old school Lincoln Park – Penn Hills shout out to good brother “Blue,” great seeing you. I understand you’re an avid reader so by now you know it gets you in the Locker Room. Keep on reading!
:07—Speaking of ‘Soul Take — Champions Live,’ don’t tell me you’re the only one not listening? C’mon man…every Wednesday, 7 p.m. Go to It’s the only Black-owned, Black-produced, Black-starred sports talk show in all of Western PA. It’s OK that you listen to the other shows but if you really want to know what’s up, join the growing listeners of ‘Champions Live!’
:06—The Pirates took two of 3 over the Cincinnati Reds this past weekend. Right now they’re still on their homestand…I’m still thinking they’ll climb out of this hole.
:05—My oldest and dearest friend Dwight Law said something to me that substantiates the ground level rumors that he may in fact be getting overdosed on the “lay-you-to-rest” fluids in the lower depths of Law Funeral Home. Now I’ll argue with you all day and night why I’ll take Julius Winfield Erving III, aka Dr. J, easily before LeBron James. Yes, as you know I am a LBJ hater and Lord knows to each their own, even if they’re dead wrong!!! (Get it — “Dead” wrong — Law Funeral Home)…Anyway, that’s all good but when you say out loud that you’ll take Larry “I played with four Hall of Famers” Bird over Julius “I shook up the world” Erving, well that gives me reason to check your pulse. (Get it — Check your pulse…dead people) OK, my bad.
:04—Just so you know, I am on my way from my “Spot”… Don’t ask…To see the reboot of “Superfly.” I can tell ya right now they’ve got huge double-knit suits and alligator shoes to fill. And don’t even try to outdo Curtis Mayfield’s movie score. But I am open, we’ll see, I’ll let ya know next week.
:03—Listen, if you’ve got children and you want them to experience horseback riding give us a call. Achieving Greatness is going to the hills. Rolling hills that is. Saturday, June 30 we’re going horseback riding as part of our UPMC Safe Summer Program for boys and girls ages 8-12. First to call — first to ride. All expenses paid. Call AGI at 412-628-4856.
:02—You already know but here you go again. “Hott Fun in the Summer Time” Fashion Show-Awards Ceremony and Line Dance Party. Saturday, July 7, 7 p.m.—Racquet Club in Monroeville, alcohol-free zone, food & beverages, vendors, 50/50, free parking. Honoring B-Pep, Rise High Basketball Association, Zone 5 Police Station and others. Limited seating — call 412-628-4856 for information. (Fashion Show directed by local entertainment star Rita Gregory)
:01—First Steelers game, Aug. 9 vs. the World Champion Philly Eagles, 7 p.m. Now ya know. time to get ready!!!
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