Blacks must become refocused now! (June 20)


Donald Trump ran for the President of the United States and was victorious. He defeated the Democratic Party, Black voters, Hollywood, the overwhelming majority of newspaper columnists, organized labor and 90 percent of the political experts. Those who suffered defeat have done an amazing job beating up President Trump verbally every day and night—however, he has risen consistently in the polls.
In the Black communities those merchants of negativism have been extremely effective, because everywhere I go you will hear Blacks who would have you believe that all of the multitude of problems that confront us are the direct fault of Donald Trump. I hear ministers, middle-class and upper middle-class Blacks, politicians, educators, unemployed, underemployed, etc., saying Trump should be impeached and some even suggest that he should be assassinated.
There are times I will respond by saying, “The overwhelming majority of our problems existed prior to the birth of Trump.”
In fact, sometimes I will simply state, “Let us cease talking about Trump and focus on issues that affect our lives on a regular basis and things that we can change.”
Too many Blacks ask the question, what in the hell can we change, we are too poor, we don’t have any money? History clearly indicates that the current generation of Blacks has no real concept of being poor. I recall when you applied for a job and you were told, “we are not hiring coons today.”
We were denied access to the unions. There were those of us who had no indoor plumbing, no telephones, no electricity, no gas for heat or cooking. I remember some of our neighbors going down to the railroad yards and gathering coal that fell off the trains and bringing it home. However, no family on the street ever went hungry or almost naked, because the neighbors cared and shared. These were the years before the great society came into existence when two words had real meaning—SELF-RELIANT. Yesteryear we as a people were faced with the impossible, but we overcame. To those Blacks, who too frequently think and say, “What we can’t do,” they must refocus and build upon what those of yesterday accomplished.
There were certain words that were never used in our home such as ghetto, poor, can’t, impossible. I was born into the Christian Methodist Church and we built six colleges with the church’s money. Blacks have owned banks, saving and loans, and every kind of business that you can imagine. There was a period of time that throughout Allegheny County there were 200 Blacks who owned their own food trucks. We owned clubs, restaurants, bars, hotels, gas stations, floral shops, funeral parlors, hotels, pawn shops, jewelry stores, barber shops and beauty parlors, parking garages and parking lots, barge building, coal mine operators, owned baseball teams, radio stations, grocery stores, beer distributors, newspapers.
Yes, Blacks must become more focused…NOW.
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