The New Surreal Life (June 20)


I feel like I’m living in a long episode of “The Surreal Life.” I wake up in the morning and I never know what I’m going to hear. What is going to be the misspelled tweet of the day? Who is going to be the next person that is going to be involved with the White House or the president?
I was watching an interview with Vann Jones and Kim Kardashian last week. This was after Alice Marie Johnson was released from jail. Kim was wearing knee-high suede boots and Jones and Kardashian were sitting in front of a working fireplace, the calendar said it was June. It was like it was a fireside chat. Jones was asking her about the possibility of running for office and then Kardashian was talking about being an attorney. She even stated that she had heard that if you worked for an attorney for about three months you could do legal work. Jones reminded her that her father was an attorney and perhaps this was in her blood. I kept looking at the television and saying, “Huh?”
I said to myself, it seems like these are new episodes of the “The Surreal Life.” Then I remembered Kim’s original claim to fame. She was in a porn tape with Ray J, Brandy’s brother (think Moesha). Reportedly “Kim Kardashian, Superstar” is the most-watched X-rated movie, with more than 93 million views since it first popped up. It was leaked and then distributed by Vivid Entertainment, but determined not to get shafted, Kim sued and won the rights to the tape, along with $4.5 million. I was hoping that since she got money that Ray J was not left out. According to, Ray J still earns $90k every three months in royalties for the video. OK, at least he is getting paid.
Now look at Kim… She is meeting with the president and helping to get people out of prison. “You’ve come a long way baby.” Kardashian says she hopes to help more people. This is all good news but I swear this all sounds like a show with a script.
Every day I turn on CNN to see what is going on next. Has the “fixer” dimed on 45, what crazy thing will the former mayor of New York Rudy Giuliani have to say next? What scripture in the Bible will be quoted to justify separating immigrant children from their parents? I keep reading blurbs about bills that the president is signing that will hurt our country. Is this the “fake news” he keeps talking about or are these things really going to happen? While I was investigating what has been signed or changed by the president for this column, it is all very confusing. You really need to do your homework to find out what has changed. In case you want to know what is the recipe for “The Surreal Life,” according to the producers: take bigger-than-life celebrities from every walk of life, mix together and stir as needed. Sounds like Pennsylvania Avenue, doesn’t it.
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