Miss ya, Rod Scott! And Jameis Winston did what?? (July 4)

TAMPA BAY BUCS QB JAMEIS WINSTON will be suspended for the first three games of the 2018 regular season for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. (AP PHOTO)

:10—It’s been said that the measure of your life can best be identified by those who recognize you in death. That in fact was the case as many of Pittsburgh’s best and brightest said goodbye to Roderick Wheeler “Rod” Scott Jr., a great basketball player at Duquesne University during the last glory run with the likes of BB Flenory, Bruce Atkins, Andy Sisinni, Jeff Baldwin, John Moore, Fred Moon and Barnett Harris. On this day, and as was always the case, Rod would have the last shot—an inspiration to all via the words delivered in a very spiritual final letter and a fabulous farewell presented by his accomplished daughter Shayla and son Tyler, and a near perfect salute from teammate Barnett Harris… the need to debate, the quality of the man and the misdirected last shot! When we lose one of ours it’s always too early, but as we all know, when it’s God’s call it’s always on time. May God bless you, Rod, and take pride in knowing that you won the last argument.
:09—I’ve been resisting the need to say this about the Pirates, I really have, but now it has to be shouted out loud because “the fat lady” is warming up her pipes. No pitching = No World Series… No pitching = No World Series…No pitching = No World Series!!! Of course the bats matter and there’s no chance at all without defense. But if you can’t outpitch the other team the end is near. Unless, of course, someone takes out the fat lady!
:08—The real good news following that sobering information is that your Pittsburgh Steelers go to training camp July 25, and Thursday, August 9 is the first preseason game at the Eagles.
:07—I am all about second chances. For that matter if you’re really serious about getting your life together I’ll throw you a third bone. But if Jameis Winston is found guilty of groping an Uber driver as alleged, that needs to be his last hoo-rah. Turns out, while he wasn’t necessarily found “guilty” in a courtroom, he was suspended for the first three regular season games by the NFL for violating its “personal conduct policy.” He’s lucky it wasn’t more games, or prosecuted in the legal system. One of those games is when the Buccaneers play the Steelers.
:06—Former Heisman Trophy winner and pain to the sports world Johnny Manziel made his preseason debut in the Canadian Football League, completing 9 of 11 for 80 yards. He remains the back-up to starting QB Jeremiah Masoli… but that’s the third bone I was talking about.
:05—Trust me, I went in with eyes wide open and I told my old school partner Mike Booker that I would give the “Superfly” reboot all the consideration possible. But here’s why I can only give it two basketballs (and if it weren’t for the Lexus and the shower scene it would only get one!). Here’s what’s not “Fly”…#1—Wearing fur coats in Atlanta. #2—The snow boys in all white— just silly. #3—Eddie’s sellout. Not gonna happen. #4 —Soundtrack not even close. Curtis Mayfield can rest in peace. #5—You want me to believe a mom is taking her son out like that??? C’mon, man.
:04—Here’s a thing you can do for you. Pull up Hearns vs. Hagler and Hagler vs. Sugar Ray Leonard. You’re welcome.
:03—Speaking of something you can do for you…Don’t miss the #1 sport in the world —Girl watching! It’s “Hott Fun in the Summertime” Fashion Show and Event Saturday, July 7 at the Racquet Club in Monroeville. Doors open at 7 p.m. It’s your last chance to see the “Truly Yours” models and “Sensation” models together again. Tickets are only $20 and will benefit Achieving Greatness Inc. Safe Summer Program. Call 412-628-4856 for information.
:02—The latest argument on the table is an easy one to handle. My man Zik and my old man say they’ll take Earl Campbell over Franco Harris. I need you to tell them they’re crazy. Text your pick to 412-628-4856… The count begins now.
:01—The Phoenix Suns took DeAndre Ayton No. 1 in the 2018 NBA Draft. I give you that for info sake but it was an ironic reminder for me of Connie Hawkins being the No. 1 pick by the Suns in 1969 after all his historical moves. Miss ya Hawk, look out for Rod and Chip Harris!
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