The objective of protests is…to…DISRUPT!! (July 11)

:10—As my “man among men” grandfather used to say, “You hear me but you’re not listening!” So from my pulpit and to all the good White folks out there that hear us, but just aren’t listening—the objective is to disrupt!!! If the protests were not disruptive there would have been no alarms going off in your head to signal to you that there’s a problem you need to pay attention to. History will tell you that the Boston Tea Party…clearly a protest…was not held in a dark alley somewhere. It was right up front for all to see, and correct me if I am wrong, but if memory serves me right, damn near every college in this country, and nearly every highway and byway came to a standstill when young White America brought an end to the Vietnam War!!! History, it’ll keep you honest.
:09—To that point, but deserving of its own byline—I am extremely proud of young Black Pittsburgh for taking a stand and forcing the issue. “And still we rise!”
:08—“Ya’ll”…can keep with the back and forth and this and that, but if Magic Johnson has his golden hands on it there’s nothing you can do. LeBron James is a Laker now, and Hollywood is in for quite a ride.
:07—Paul George resigns with Oklahoma City for the max, four years for $137 million—leaving a lot of money on the negotiation table. That tells me there has to be a plethora of fine women in Oklahoma. I am just sayin’!
:06—Movie This! Why do I continue to punish myself? The last time I went to see those dinosaurs I said it would be the last. This time I mean it. I mean, for goodness sakes how many ways can you slice a piece of Tyrannosaurus up. I am sorry, just no good. #1. So predictable. #2. Unbelievable even for Hollywood…you want me to believe that you unloaded these mammoth creatures in this guy’s backyard? C’mon, man! #3. Like me, I am sure you ask yourself for the dinosaurs that can fly—why don’t they just fly off the island? I am just askin’. I give it one basketball because Opie’s daughter is in it. (You know Opie, Andy’s son back in Mayberry. Pay attention will ya…)
:05—Your Pittsburgh Steelers go to camp in exactly two weeks, July 25. Now we’ll have a par-tay!
:04—To continue THAT thought…the other part of Magic Johnson’s game plan is to get Kawhi Leonard to Showtime. LBJ, Leonard, a more mature Lonzo Ball with Lopez, Kuzma and Ingram could compete with the best in the west in two years.
:03—Hott Fun in the Summertime–Fashion Show and Dance Party was off the hook! The fashion show was directed by the legendary Rita Gregory and the DJ was the Master Roland Ford.
:02—For all you parents that see me every year and say you didn’t know. Know this, the annual Armen “the Hammer” Gilliam Hard Work Basketball Camp will be at the Penn Hills YMCA August 4-5, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. each day for boys and girls ages 8–16. There will be a ton of old school hard work, lunch, certificates, games, skills and drills and lots of love. Call to register now; limited space to first 100. Achieving Greatness Inc. 412-628-4856.
:01—For the record, the tally for Franco Harris vs. Earl Campbell—of course Black and Gold wins again. Harris 178 Hits. Campbell 97.
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