Mr. Will Varner, I will always remember you! (July 18)


:10—They called him…Mr. Varner!…and understandably so. He epitomized professionalism, style, grace, quality and all that represented being a man; and to that end, the ultimate family man. Mr. Varner passed away on July 4 and for all of us whose lives he touched, we bid him a fond, heartfelt and appreciative farewell. For many of us he gave us the “correct” fashion sense; for some, it was the necessary guidance, and for most, it was his sheer presence, words of advice, suggestions and matter-of-fact opinions. Of course, he will be remembered as Will Varner, the husband to his beautiful wife—Lauretta.
Father to his magnificent children, Billy, Lisa and Laura, and to be sure, most notably the genetic basketball skills he passed on to his superstar son Billy, making his dad enormously proud while playing at Notre Dame University and a career as a pro player in Europe. (In case, like me, you are too young to have seen it firsthand, I’ve been told by many the expert, that Will Varner could ball with the best of them back in the day when men were men). “Mr. V,” as I called him, was most helpful to me and the operation of Champion Enterprises as he was to many other community groups. He will be remembered for his firm and matter-of-fact, but polite method of operation. However, I will remember him most for his much-needed advice to me when I began my professional career in the late ‘70s. He told me and I quote, “Bill, you’re going to need to change your look…to a more conservative style. So when you throw away that green shark-skinned suit, be sure to throw away the green alligator shoes!!!” Love ya, Mr. V. Since then I’ve proudly followed your style and now…Heaven’s Hoopers, make room on the team for Will Varner.
:09—As of now, one don’t know who’s who and what’s what. But what we do know is somebody got beat up in NFL superstar and Pitt grad Shady McCoy’s house. Stay tuned cause somebody knows something…and that you can take to the bank.
:08—Sometimes you don’t have to say a lot… “Ms. Serena Williams, you’re a bad girl!!!” A year after giving birth you’re in the finals at Wimbledon. C’mon, man!
:07—Guess what, Kevin Cameron and all other haters…your Pittsburgh Pirates ain’t dead yet. Aunt Bee…you home?
:06—Speaking of not being dead yet…Manny Pacquiao scored his first knockout in nine years in his win over Lucas Matthysse. Look, you all can say what you want, I say, an athlete quits when they want to quit, not when we tell them. You go Manny, score one more for the old school!
:05—I know you can’t wait. We’ve got some scores to settle and it starts right here, right now. Your Pittsburgh Steelers head to Saint Vincent College to start the climb to “Stairway to Seven” Super Bowls, you knucklehead! The fun starts July 26. Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go!
:04—Terrell Owens! Yea, you were robbed along the way, but, you were a contributor. Go get your Gold Jacket and shutup, man!
:03—Hey everybody, Little League Football is now underway. Parents, coaches, supporters…It’s time to do all the right things for the kids. It’s—all—about—the—kids…not you!
:02—Coming soon by popular demand…The 50 greatest players in Connie Hawkins Summer Basketball League history. You can submit your names by texting to Achieving Greatness Inc. at 412-628-4856.
:01—And now it’s real…The Armen Gilliam Memorial Hard Work Basketball Camp. $25 registration. Saturday, Aug. 4 and Sunday, Aug. 5, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Lunch, skills, drills and games. College and pro coaches, hard work, discipline, communication, respect and love. Call to register your child at Achieving Greatness Inc. at 412-628-4856.
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