The Pirates are hot! But Denzel’s ‘Equalizer 2’ is not! (July 25)


:10—Right out of the gate! I know you don’t want to hear it, and Lord knows I hate to be the one to tell ya…and hey, I might be the only one, but “Equalizer 2” fell way short of expectations as do most sequels. Sometimes Hollywood, be it Black or White, just doesn’t get it. Just do the same thing that made the first one good…man! #1—you want me to believe a grown man in the back seat of a moving car can’t get a shot off? And moreover, you want me to believe the driver, that being Denzel, can do the high-speed driving and handle the bad guy with one hand…c’mon man! #2—OK, so I know you’re Denzel, but you’re not rollin’ up on “any gang” in their spot, bust ‘em up, snatch your guy and just walk away…and they don’t come after you…c’mon, c’mon man! And, #3—of about 20 mishits…you leave the city where you could have done the bad guys in to go to an “all of a sudden” abandoned town…where-there’s-not-one-person-not-one-cop-left in town, and, these top-level assassins, four of them, let you kill them off one at a time! C’mon, c’mon, c’mon mmmaaannn!!! (that’s a record 3-peat c’mon man.) I give it a very disappointing two basketballs. And one because it’s Denzel.
:09—OK, OK, back to the games. Your Pittsburgh Pirates were on a 10-game winning streak as of Monday, July 23 when they beat the Indians, 7-0. They’re “Tearing the Roof off the Mother Sucker.” Yea, boy I said it. Now what, Kevin Cameron?
:08—Speaking of my sports talk partner. If by now you’re not hearing “Soul Take–Champions Live” sports talk show then you are under that rock. Dropping your way online every Wednesday at 7 p.m. via Urban Media Today Radio. Hit all the right buttons and you’re plugged into the only all-Black produced, directed, owned and hosted sports talk show in all of Western Pennsylvania. #1. Click on the search icon. #2. Type in Urban Media Today. #3. Hit search icon. There ya go. So easy a Perry grad could do it! (Sorry Rod Rutherford, my bad)
:07—Check out this segue. Congratulations to superstar Rod Rutherford and his superstar wife on their marriage a few weeks ago.
:06—Steeler training camp starts today! July 25. It’s on like garlic flavored popcorn.
:05—A shoutout to old friend Dean Smith…can’t forget that name. Ran into him at the Highland Park Tennis Association summer wrap-up for the kids. (More on that later.) Anyway, Brother Smith is a throwback to the Connie Hawkins League at the Homewood YMCA. That means he’s old. But he can still see. He’s a regular reader and as you know, he’s now in the locker room!
:04—Tiger Woods was in contention…he was close…but once again, no cigar at the British Open this past weekend…
:03—Kawhi Leonard…Be careful what you wish for! I know, the Raptors was not what you were thinkin!!!
:02—Now before you start with the haterade…All I am saying is Danica Patrick can host my ESPYs anytime. I don’t care if she ever wins a race. I’m just saying!
:01—It will be my effort to end my column every week with this. “If you want to dismiss Donald Trump and all his lies, division, cheating and gangster tactics…You—Better—Vote…everybody, and that means YOU!!!
:00—This game is just getting started!
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