The Importance of Sleep for Teenagers

Sleep touches nearly every aspect of our lives. Sleep plays an important role in many areas of teenagers’ lives, including academic performance, athletic performance and physical health. Sleep is also critical to mood and irritability, as well as the risk for developing mental health problems. Some people who do not get enough sleep have even been rated as less attractive. Even though sleep is highly important to all of these areas of our lives, most teenagers do not get enough sleep.
It is recommended that teens sleep eight to 10 hours every night to function at their best. But most teens get seven hours or fewer. Sometimes this is the result of normal biological changes to sleep that occur during adolescence, which contribute to teens wanting to go to bed later at night and wake up later in the morning. On school days, this may mean that they get fewer hours of sleep than is recommended.
Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine are testing a program that aims to help teenagers get more sleep. You may be eligible to participate in this research if you are 13-15 years old and you do not have serious health conditions. All participants will watch a two-minute video about sleep. Those who do not get enough sleep will be invited to participate in our sleep program, which includes completing questionnaires, meeting with a clinician to discuss sleep and using a smartphone to answer questions about sleep. If you are interested, please contact Brandy Núñez at 412-246-5693 or Dr. Jessica Levenson at 412-647-7937. You may also e-mail Eligible participants will be compensated for their time.
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