Steelers’ preseason action is finally here! (Aug. 8)


:10—First of all, if you’ve never been there, do yourself a favor and get there. Where, you ask? Why, Steelers training camp, you so-called “fan.” “It’s on Like Popcorn” up at Chuck Noll Stadium in Latrobe and the Black and Gold is set to do battle en route to “Stairway to Seven.” I just came back from the open-air par-tay and from where we stood all looks good in Steeler Hood!
:09—With the exception, of course, of the scare that hit camp Saturday when offensive lineman Ramon Foster was carted off the field with an apparent knee injury. As of now it looks to be not too serious and a 4–6 week setback is the guess (also known as “Man, now I don’t have to go through this damn training camp…that I really don’t need!”). I’m just sayin’.
:08—A tip of the hat to good brother “Weldon Fields” and I hope I got it right (he knows who he is). Anyway, I bumped into this very distinguished gentleman in Wilkinsburg and he told me he’s a reader. Well ya’ll know what’s next…Mr. Fields you’re now in the Locker Room. Keep on reading.
:07—Thanks to everyone who signed their precious little darling in the Armen Gilliam “Hard Work” Basketball Camp, which was held this past weekend. We’re all about changing the minds and attitudes of the youth about what it takes to become a champion and achieve success.
:06—Oh, by the way, check out this lineup of coaches that were at the camp: Former Slippery Rock All-American and NBA star Myron Brown, Former European League star Warren Wilson, Former UNLV star Karen Hall, Former Pitt University superstar Darrell “Dan” Porter, Former University of Bucknell all-time assist leader Chris Seneca and all-time leading scorer at Point Park University, Bobby Franklin.
:05—Your Pittsburgh Pirates continue their on-fire pace as one of the hottest teams in baseball. At one point, they won 11 in a row and 13 of their last 15. What you got to say now, Kevin Cameron? (They’ve cooled down recently, but they’re still in the hunt for a National League Wild Card spot…)
:04—Speaking of Kevin Cameron, and I just was. Don’t miss me and my partner every week on “Soul Take – Champions Live!” Go to Urban Media Today and log in every Wednesday at 7 p.m. “We are the Champions!!!” (
:03—The movie of the year right now is Mission Impossible-Fallout. Non-stop action from start to finish, I kid you not. Off the charts good. I give it four basketballs.
:02—Note: I said movie of the year right now because Creed II is coming soon…sit tight.
:01—I am a single man so I can say this out loud. The No. 1 sport in Pittsburgh is going on every afternoon in Oakland on the Pitt Campus. It’s called Girl Watching! No you won’t say it, but you’re thinking it. Yes you are, oh shut-up, yes you are.
:00—Steelers’ first preseason game is tomorrow, Thursday, August 9 at the world champion Philly Eagles. Yea, I got your world champions right here!
:00:00—A mighty, mighty thanks to Mayor Bill Peduto for hosting our Achieving Greatness/Connie Hawkins League/Pittsburgh Pipers family to his chambers to be recognized for the Pipers and “the Hawk” Championship and World ABA title in 1968. Thanks, Mayor, the Hawk continues to fly thanks to you.
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