Will the real national anthem please stand up? (Aug. 8)


The following is an excerpt from the Russian National Anthem. “Rossia – sviashennaia nasha derzhava, Rossia – lubimaia nasha strana! Moguchaia volia, velikaia slava-Tvoio dostoianie na vse vremena! CHORUS: Slavsia, Otechestvo nashe svobodnoe, Bratskikh narodov soiuz vekovoi, Predkami dannaia mudrost’ narodnaia! Slavsia, strana!”
I am not going to pretend that I understand Russian because I am not the press secretary of the United States, nor do I place anyone or anything above my beautiful country, not money, riches or power. When the President of the United States demands that NFL players stand up for the national anthem, is he referring to the national anthem of the United States or the Soviet Union? Donald Trump is placing the yoke of patriotism around the necks of young Black athletes while he demonstrates that he is just a mere subordinate, a puppet, lackey and marionette at the beck and call of the leader of the “Supreme Soviet Party” Vladimere (who’s your daddy) Putin. Trump gets pleasure out of publicly and privately degrading African Americans, using darkness to guide those of lesser intellect into his “training camp.” There are a few star NFL athletes that have apparently not only have taken the bait, but have become bait themselves. Take the case of the Dallas Cowboys star quarterback, Dak Prescott. This is what he had to say about the anthem controversy recently. “When you bring such a controversy to the stadium, to the game, to the field, it takes away. It takes away from that. I’m up for taking the next step…and not just kneeling.”
Prescott should have just issued a “no comment.” It seems as if maybe Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and President Donald Trump have had employees (Omarosa for Trump and Prescott for Jones) that did more than toe the “company line;” they crossed a new “border of subservience.” They play the national anthem at Trump “campaign rallies” as the introduction for his conspiracy theory, race baiting tirades used as a disguise to allegedly “make America great again.” So the next time that the President of the United States demands that Black athletes, White athletes or any other group of sportsmen or women stand up for the national anthem, please ask this question: “Which anthem are you referring to?”
(Aubrey Bruce: abruce@newpittsburghcourier.com)
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