Bosom Buddies—Landry Jones, Mason Rudolph too comfy in QB carousel (Aug. 22)

The Steelers held their 2018 “Family Fest” on Aug. 19 at Heinz Field. The players, “scrubs” and all, made their entrance onto the field. When the quarterbacks were introduced, it was definitely a “3 tiered” intro. All of the team’s QBs ran onto the field, but one thing in particular caught my eye. Leading the signal callers onto the gridiron was obviously Ben Roethlisberger; the second tier was comprised of Landry Jones and Mason Rudolph, they appeared to be almost “lateral.” Joshua Dobbs was last and least. Rudolph was the third-round pick of the Steelers in the 2018 NFL draft. Dobbs was the fourth-rounder in the 2017 draft.
When Mason Rudolph was chosen, the handwriting on the wall began to dry. First, Dobbs is a leftover from Todd Haley’s tenure with the team and I have a sneaking suspicion that some of those that are charged with deciding who should stay and who should go, including Ben, may not want any “remnants” of the “Haley era,” floating around like a fly in their soup. Also, Rudolph has the advantage of beginning his career with the Steelers’ new offensive coordinator, Randy Fichtner. Rudolph and Fichtner can grow together as the Steelers move forward. Dobbs has a small advantage of having an extra year of experience in the league but he is at an enormous disadvantage because of almost zero support from Roethlisberger, as well as having to learn another system from the new OC and “unlearn” a few things, implanted in his psyche by the former offensive coordinator, Haley.
I am not an NFL GM or head coach, nor do I play one on television, but if I am the decision-maker, I want my veteran on the field…but I also want two “young bucks” battling it out on a daily basis to be the understudy, occupying the second chair, ready to perform in the event that the headliner falls flat or is flattened.
Dobbs does not have a chance to make this team… Why? It’s been noted on some websites that “Dobbs has had the strongest preseason of any Steelers quarterback. With Ben Roethlisberger sitting out, Dobbs has taken the increased reps and really showcased just how far he has developed in his second year in the NFL. In fact, through two games he has outplayed rookie Mason Rudolph, the guy who is ultimately going to take his spot on the roster.”
What?? This logic is craaazzzy!
If Dobbs is outplaying Rudolph, why should Rudolph be “given” a spot on the roster? As far as trade bait is concerned, it would seem logical that Landry Jones would have more value than Joshua Dobbs when it comes to a trade, ya think? But as I have stated many times before, Landry Jones does not deserve a roster spot on any NFL team. If the Steelers cut Jones, the only other chance that Jones will even get a shot to occupy an NFL bench will be if that team is desperate and is at the end of their rope and are at the bottom of the “crab barrel.”
If this were a real competition, Jones would be worried about his job! It seems as if Landry Jones has found his niche. He is in danger of possibly being forever remembered as the highest paid “clipboard bearer” in the history of the Steelers. His competitive fire seems to have been doused a long time ago. It seems as if the primary motive for Mr. Jones is not to win, but to get paid. As far as being a number 2 quarterback is concerned, Landry Jones is no Jimmy Garoppolo.
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