J-Lo’s ‘Shades of Blue’ ending…The worst! (Aug. 22)



:10—Let’s start right here because this is very, very, very, very, very important. Man, I’ve been knee-deep in J-Lo’s hit TV series “Shades of Blue” waiting for this thing to come to the end of a three-year run. And what did we get? The worst TV series ending since “Seinfeld” went off. Just awful. C’mon Hollywood, give the people what they want, and it ain’t Jennifer Lopez in jail. (Don’t worry baby, I’ll come visit, don’t worry) What…Who’s that?…Who’s there?…Hello, Hello!
In this May 20, 2018 file photo, Jennifer Lopez arrives at the Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas. (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File)

:09—Go ahead, admit it. You got caught up in the hype and had the Pirates winning the World Series. Don’t feel bad, you weren’t by yourself. As a matter of fact, Kevin “I ain’t never going to a game” Cameron was about to buy a ticket. However, it was not to be and it will not be. The Bucs are playing good baseball but it’s too little too late. Hey, I know it matters when you split with the Cubs, but there are too many other hurdles to jump.
:08—So you’re all over a brother when he jumps ship to get busy with the lighter persuasion. Ya’ll got a problem with that. But, when Janet Jackson and Serena Williams go “Goodwill Hunting”…that’s OK… huh. Oh please don’t act like you don’t know who I am talking to…My Sisters!
:07—Well, as most of you know, I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But, I can add a little bit. Now, Tiger Woods has his game back. Almost won a major right…right! Well that can only mean one thing. He’s got all his women back, all 14 of them. No? Well, you do the math. The last time “The Tiger Man” won a major tournament he had 14 women on the side. Hell, even I can add that up. C’mon, people!
:06—School’s back in, sports teams are on the horizon. Let’s be aware, careful, safe and most importantly “Be Smart!” And, for goodness sakes, for you dads that never played anything but checkers…let your son do the playin’…you do the prayin’!
:05—Question! If Ryan Shazier is what the defense needs, go get another Ryan Shazier!!! Duh!! Oh, not as easy as it sounds is it? Then shut up.
:04—The countdown has begun. It’s almost LeBron time. The Lakers open the season on Oct. 18 with a road trip against the Portland Trailblazers. Then they “tear the roof off the sucker” with their home-opener, Oct. 20, against Houston.
:03—Drivers, start your engines. Get ready for the 44th Annual Achieving Greatness Inc. Car Show and Cruise at the Savoy, held in conjunction with the United Rays Corvette Club on Sunday, Sept. 23, 4 to 8 p.m. (the Steelers don’t play). Come one, Come all. If you can ride it in, we’ll let you in! Vets, Mustangs, SUVs, bikes, trucks, classics, new cars, etc. Trophies in 15 categories. Live at the Savoy. Call AGI for information ($10 registration benefits AGI Safe Summer Programs)
:02—Terrell Owens, aka T.O., should have gone in on the first ballot and you know it. Should he have gone to the Hall of Fame induction in Canton? I told you before, revolutionaries are special people!!
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