Teresa Says: The 10 Commandments of Millennial Moms Making Moves (Aug. 29, 2018)


“Summer Summer Summertime. Time to sit back and unwind…”
Whether you treated yourself to a day at the spa, went on a family vacation, enjoyed a stay-cation, or took a day off this summer, when you’re doing it all, i.e. rocking it out as a millennial mom and a woman making moves, it’s important to unwind in the midst of the daily grind. And because the summer season is not over yet, I also hope you took a moment to vibe while singing that old school ‘90s jam.
Now speaking of school, it’s about that time! The first day of school pictures have already begun to flood our Facebook timelines as young scholars are going back to the place of learning. For the Millennial Mom Making Moves, the hustle and bustle of work, life, home, and motherhood may heighten around this time as there are many back-to-school and work activities going on. In addition, professional networking and business events are happening almost every weekend. In the midst of making moves for both yourself and your child(ren), it’s essential to your self-care and your scholar that relationship-building, support, intentionality, and balance remain a priority. We must remember that we have the privilege of being a mom first, and we also have the opportunity to provide a great life for our children. We are making moves while they are making the grades.
As a Mompreneur, to be honest, finding a good work, life, and motherhood balance can be challenging. At times I’ve experienced “mom guilt,” but just as quickly as it comes upon me, I brush it off, pat myself on the back, and recognize that by the grace of God, I’m doing the best I can to live and parent with purpose and on purpose.
I know you’re familiar with the Ten Commandments of the Bible that serve as a guide for our spiritual lives, right? As a spin on that, I want to share what I’ve coined the “10 Commandments for Millennial Moms Making Moves” to serve as our personal decree and guide as we are living our best lives now and providing the best lives for our children.
1. Thou shall fill your cup first before pouring into others
2. Thou shall create technology and work-free quality times with your child(ren)
3. Thou shall strive to lead by example, keeping in mind that more is “caught” than what is taught
4. Honor those in your “village” because they help you reach your professional and business goals while positively supporting and helping raise your young scholar(s)
5. Thou shall always remember your purpose and your “why”
6. Thou shall work smarter, not harder
7. Thou shall remain actively engaged in your child’s education and extracurricular activities
8. Thou shall recognize when your hustle is hindering quality time with your child and be willing to redesign your schedule
9. Remember the Sabbath. Take a day to rest, relax, and recharge
10. Thou shall embrace your personal journey. Opt-out of jealousy and comparison in order to intentionally celebrate the success of you and your child(ren)
Cheers to you and your lovelies! May you find more peace of mind and embrace the privilege of purposeful parenting as you infuse these principles in your life as a Millennial Mom Making Moves!
(Teresa Renee Hunt is a Pittsburgh-based Life-Makeover Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Educator who empowers her audience to live with intention, make purposeful decisions, and overcome personal hindrances so they can experience the reality of their dreams. Follow her on Facebook by searching “Teresa Renee Hunt” or at www.teresareneehunt.com.)
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