Steelers will go 12-4 this year! (Sept. 5)

JAMES CONNER looks to get more playing time at running back for the Steelers in 2018. (Photo by Brian Cook)

:10—Quickly and to the point. “Stairway to 7” is in full effect. Steelers will win 12, win the division and claim the Lombardi. Take it to the bank.
:09—We know this to be true because they came off a 13-3 season that they handed the gold off to Jacksonville in that crazy loss!
:08—“Big Ben” returns thanks to Patti La Belle with a new attitude. Slimmer, trimmer, focused and knowing the window is closing.

:07—For the record I have zero problem with Le’veon Bell getting all the money he can get. But don’t get it twisted, I also have zero problem going to the party without him if he doesn’t show up. Old school will tell ya, “Dance with the one that brung ya!”
:06—James Conner and company are more than capable of getting the job done. AKA Philly…running back by committee.
:05—Of course, Landry Jones had to go. It was the right thing and the only thing “Coach T” could do. Dobbs is twice the athlete, younger, and can only get better. Rudolph the same consideration. (But I predict to you that Dobbs will be your back-up.)
:04—Your No. 1 reason for getting to the Big Dance? The Air Corps, boys and girls. Big Ben, Antonio Brown, Juju Smith-Schuster, the best in football with a lot to prove.
:03—Your No. 2 reason? A healthier, deeper “D” line. If they rise to the occasion and fill the gaps, game over. Remember, it all starts up front.
:02—As your front line goes, so goes your defense. Your linebackers and D-backs are only as good as the front wall. Just ask the Steelers Super Bowl legends.
:01—It all gets started Sunday, Sept. 9 at Cleveland. “Right here, right now!”
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