Field Negro: Female issues

Image result for serena williams us open imagesI saw the US Open women’s final yesterday, and  I must say that it was full of excitement and drama. I was happy for the young Haitian American. (Yes, she is also Haitian. I know that the main stream media would like us to believe that she is only Japanese, but that’s not the case.) But it was sad to see that sexism still exits in this sport. I play and watch a lot of tennis, and there is no way a male player on the tour would have been given a game penalty in the finals of a major like Serena was yesterday.
Serena is the greatest player of all time, and she is the least popular among a certain segment of the population, primarily because she is unapologetic about standing up for her race and sex, and this tends to drive some people crazy.  “Just shut up and play”, and collect your money doing something that we all wish that we could do, is what those same folks who dislike her would tell her and athletes like LeBron James to do.
I felt bad for Naomi Osaka yesterday, because the truth is that she was on her way to beating Serena, and having this incident just took away from what was supposed to be the greatest moment of her life.
Finally, speaking of women, I watched some of theBrett Kavanaugh hearing, and it was terrifying. It was terrifying to me because I know that the man will be confirmed regardless of what he says. He  will be the swing vote in turning back the right of a woman to determine what to do with her own body, and ultimately send us back to the days of back room abortions.  And yes, he might have committed perjury, but one little act of perjury will not stop the right-wing agenda.
Forget all his daughters and the girls basketball team that he trotted out for the optics. If those little girls only knew that the man that they were helping to sit on the supreme court could have a negative impact on their lives in the coming years.
He claims that Roe V. Wade is settled law, implying that he will not rule to overturn it. But that;s hogwash. Precedent does not prevent the court from overturning what we consider well settled law. Just remember, Plessy  v. Ferguson was the law of the land for sixty years before it was overturned. It can happen. And you heard it here first. If and when Kavanaugh gets on the Supreme Court, the days of women choosing what to do with their own bodies will be over in the not too distant future.
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