Field Negro: Another storm. Do we have enough paper towels?

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Dear America, your president’s approval rating just dipped  below 36% or 38%, depending on which poll you believe. Imagine having unemployment below 4% and a booming economy (thank you president Obama), and you still can’t crack the 40% approval mark.
But can you blame America for not liking this guy? Just today, for instance, he started what is a solemn day of remembrance in our country by tweeting about, and criticizing the justice department. Then he made a fool of himself on his way to a memorial service for the brave souls who fought off terrorist on a hijacked airline, by fist pumping and acting as if he was on his way to a pep rally.

President Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump arrive at John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport in Johnstown, Pa., Tuesday, Sept. 11, 2018. Trump will be speaking during the September 11th Flight 93 Memorial Service in Shanksville, Pa. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

But this is the same guy who bragged about having the tallest building in New York after the Twin Towers were destroyed on that tragic day. The man has no soul and no morals. He even lied about donating funds to a 9/11 fund for crying out loud. Why do we expect him to be any different now that he is president.
Anyway, there is a serious storm heading towards the East Coast of the United States, and folks in places like North and South Carolina are bracing for the worst. It is of little comfort to us that the aforementioned president is supposed to be leading the country during what could be a serious natural disaster.
Just today the president had a “Brownie” moment by declaring that FEMA’s efforts after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico was  an “incredible unsung success”. Really? Three thousand people dead and the island still devastated and he wants us to believe that his agency, FEMA, did “an incredible job?
And I am just now hearing that this summer the trump administration transferred over ten million dollars from FEMA to ICE in order to lock down our borders and keep the brown people out. Great! Kill more Americans in order to keep immigrants out. This, by the way, happened right before hurricane season.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this coming storm does not do any serious damage and that there will be no loss of life. Also, that we won’t have to see Melania touring disaster areas in her Christian Louboutin pumps, and president trump trying out his jump shot with paper towels. 
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