Le’Veon who??? And where’s the diversity at 93.7 The Fan? (Sept. 12)

:10—We’re talking big here, boys and girls. As a matter of fact this is about as big as it gets. Let me drop some of these names for ya. Dejuan Blair, John Calipari, Sonny Vaccarro, Karen Hall, John Miller, Mel Bennett, Darelle Porter, the Gambridge brothers and an endless list of “A-plus” personalities that showed up for John Giammarco’s “25 Year” Anniversary Celebration of Western PA Basketball Royalty. Among the honorees included Jarrett “the Jewel” Durham, a Duquesne legend and coach John Miller, “The Architect.” Recognition of some of the legends gone too soon included: Kenny Durrett, Dick Divenzio, Jeep Kelly, Sonny Lewis, and others. (Featured in the photo below are, left to right: Jarrett Durham, Duquesne University; ABA founder and director John Giammarco; Kirk Bruce, University of Pittsburgh and the ABA; Jennifer Bruce, University of Pittsburgh and Big East Hall of Fame; Mel Bennett, University of Pittsburgh legend and the ABA.
:09—Now from the sublime to the ridiculous. Is it just me or does no one else see the continued lack of diversity being exercised at Pittsburgh sports radio station 93.7 The Fan? A major re-shuffling of the on-air talent and their time slots just occurred…and no apparent sign of an African American, Hispanic or female addition. Ohhhhh, but you’re obviously OK with that. Yet you wonder how Trump got elected!!!
:08—Speaking of which,, I’ll tell you again and every time I get a chance. If you want the real swamp drained it only happens one way. Get up — Get out — and VOTE!
:07—Speaking of paying attention, and I know sometimes you don’t, but no worries, that’s what I’m here for. Is it me or are there a lot of unwanted rules and regulations thrown in the direction of Serena Williams? I am just sayin’!
:06—As you should know, the boys are on the road which means I am at my spot. Don’t ask! That being said, with 11:16 in the 2nd quarter on the clock, James Conner just scored his first NFL real TD and Steelers Nation collectively said, loud and proud—Le’Veon Who?!?
:05—A stellar performance by James Conner despite the fumble, almost 200 total yards, 135 yards rushing against a stout Browns D-Line, and a colossal failure of a game by Ben Roethlisberger, 5 turnovers = a 21-21 tie, which, for all intents and purposes, sure feels like a loss, doesn’t it? Monster game by T.J. Watt—4 sacks, 10 tackles and a blocked field goal to prevent a monumental loss plus a sack from Bud Dupree means we may just have a two-headed dragon of a pass rush from the outside this season. Fingers crossed. And finally, a tie? Are you serious? A tie? C’mon man!
:04—I know you’re waiting on me to say something but what the heck can I say, you do all that yappin’ about how Penn State doesn’t respect you…Penn State is scared of us…Penn State has to play us every year…and then Penn State roars in here and kicks your Panther butts on your home field. What can I say? How bout this, when you get it handed to ya 51-6…there’s nothing else to be said.
:03—I am no golfer, far from it. But it looks to me like Tiger’s age and wear and tear might be a factor here. Starts strong, “Hard and Fast”…Finishes weak, “Soft and Slow.” Reminds me of every other 42-year-old cat that’s been around the block more than a few times!!! (If “you guys” get my drift…)
:02—I am just repeating this because it’s so important but remember—our most important possessions are literally at play. Our kids! It’s football season for them, not you. Be the adult—maintain your cool and don’t try to re-live your failed career through your son. Not just that but be mindful of pre and postgame activity. Be aware of what’s going on in the stands. Look out for bullying and abuse…And heads-up in traffic. Alright, you’re set, now get outta here!
:01—Talking about “Fake News”…Man, I invented that. And my old friend “Brother Carlisle” knows it. I ain’t ashamed. We’ve said from Day 1 — “If we don’t know it…we make it up!” You’re in the Locker Room “C,” keep reading.
:00—You know it, you love it, you want more of it! And it’s coming! The 5th Anniversary Edition of the Pittsburgh City League High School All-Sports Hall of Fame Inductions. Honoring the biggest class to date. Names of inductees released soon. But I can tell you this right here… right now! The 1988 – ‘89 Perry High School State Champion is being inducted. Now what?!? For more information on the City League High School All-Sports Hall of Fame, including dates and locations, call 412-628-4856.
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