Atlanta Marketing Firm Launches Voter Awareness Campaign

Metrics Marketing has launched a non-partisan, voter awareness campaign to encourage Black Georgians, to both register to vote by the deadline of October 6, 2018, and cast a ballot in their upcoming local elections.
The “Your Choice Is Your Voice” campaign targets the array of excuses given for not voting while showing the repercussions of not taking part in the voting process and emphasizing that each vote does, in fact, matter. The recent victories of U.S. Senator Doug Jones of Alabama and Governor Ralph Northam of Virginia, made possible by the Black female vote, provided hard proof that African Americans can make an impact when they go out and vote.
“We know that voter turnout for African-Americans will be key to the success or failure of any political candidate. The urgency with which we have to show up to the polls, particularly with the current political landscape, is crucial to ensuring that our voice is represented in discussions around healthcare, prison reform, police brutality, and education,” said Sarah Lattimer Irvin, president of Metrics Marketing and visionary behind the campaign. “We developed this campaign to help people understand that not only does their vote count, but that when they don’t vote, they are putting the fate of our community in someone else’s hands. Here in Georgia, the democratic ideals that we stand for are at stake and now is the time to show up. Staying home in November cannot be an option because the consequences could significantly negatively impact Black and Brown communities.”
“While there has been a consistent and concerted effort to keep Black people from voting, we have also been guilty of suppressing ourselves,” says Camille Taylor, Creative director, Metrics Marketing. “When we make the choice to stay home, we are essentially electing to accept more of the same, if not worse. Sure, going to the polls might be inconvenient, but only by exercising this right will we ever begin to correct the wrongs.”
Follow the creative marketing consultancy’s effort via the hashtag #YourChoiceIsYourVoice.


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