The news has me in a funk (Oct. 3)


The news has me in a funk. It all started out with the Cosby sentencing. I didn’t know what to expect but I didn’t expect 3 to 10 years in a state prison. Yes I understand he drugged this woman before the sexual act but I still cannot get over their relationship after the incident. I have watched several interviews with Andrea Constand and the one that gets me is where she tells the reporter that Cosby shows her the pills first and then they had a brief discussion about the pills and what the effect would be. She then says she “found some water” and took the pills. Not only that, they maintained a relationship, talked on the phone and allegedly Cosby paid her $3.5 million, the actual amount has never been revealed. Then this woman goes to court and testifies against him. I would be livid.
What really amazes me is that most of the women would take some pills handed to them by someone. Who does that? I know I have said this before but in many cases the women went back a second time—“can you say Beverly Johnson” —and they want to blame the married man for what happened to them. Yes, I get it that what he did was wrong but it all seems so lopsided. There are all of these other men who have been accused by multiple women but no action is being taken against them.
A semi-related story that went on for several weeks is the story of Geoffrey Owens who was photographed at Trader Joe’s working at the checkout line. The reason Owens, former TV son-in-law to Cosby, had to take that job was due to the cancellation of “The Cosby Show” reruns, therefore no residuals. I’m sure all of the Cosby regulars took a hit. I don’t think Owens had much of a career after the Cosby show, I never saw him in anything. He is scheduled to appear on NCIS: New Orleans in episode 6, it will air on Oct. 30. Reportedly he is to appear in the “Haves and the Have Nots” but I have seen conflicting reports. Since this is one of my favorite shows I’ll let you know if he has been made a part of the cast.
I feel fortunate that I found the complete boxed set of “The Cosby Show,” all 202 episodes during a Black Friday shopping spree. I also have the best of season one of “The Bill Cosby Show.” All of the good that came from the shows featuring Bill Cosby should not be erased from the planet. If you are lucky enough to find his shows on DVD, buy them.
The bad news about Cosby’s sentencing was compounded by the Brett Kavanaugh hearings. From what I have seen of Kavanaugh he doesn’t seem like the type of person suitable for the Supreme Court. I picked up an immature quality in his responses. There has to be someone better. If I could vote, I would vote no.
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