Azeeza Reed brings world financial group seminar to Pittsburgh, Oct. 11

TIME FOR A FINANCIAL MOVEMENT—Financial coach Azeeza Reed prepares to host her first financial event aiming to assist people looking for financial stability. (Photos by Diane I. Daniels)

In the mindset of Azeeza Reed, Oct. 11 is a very significant day in the City of Pittsburgh. Whomever attends the World Financial Group seminar at Duquesne University will learn how to grow, protect and save their hard-earned money, Reed said. “We will be sharing information that the top five percent of wealthy people in America know but don’t tell the other 95 percent.”
Reed and her partner, Loyan Mensah from New York, are introducing the WFG to the region as a way to assist people looking for financial stability. “The free launch event will showcase who we are and provide free financial education that can help individuals and businesses over the years,” she said.
A Garfield native and graduate from the former Career Connections Charter High School, Reed obtained her accounting degree from California University of Pennsylvania and has worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in the Wealth Management tax service department. Always good with numbers, harboring a desire to be an entrepreneur and realizing the lack of financial education the community has, she decided to start her own financial coaching firm focused on educating individuals, families and businesses on effective ways to grow, protect and save money. Involved with WFG since the summer, Reed, after meeting Mensah during a conference in Florida, decided financial services was a good business to start to meet her objectives. “I am learning about 401Ks, life insurance, annuities and mutual funds,” said Reed, 25. “WFG offers over 180 products.”
PITTSBURGH-BOUND—Financial Strategist and Business Consultant Loyan Mensah is headed to Pittsburgh for the World Financial Group seminar at Duquesne University, Oct. 11.

His first time coming to Pittsburgh, Mensah says he is excited for the opportunity. Like Reed, his goal is to help others meet their financial goals. Growing up in a low-income area inspired him to study accounting and finance at Marist College to learn how to help others overcome financial struggle. He utilized his knowledge while working in the accounting field and started a firm designed to educate the community on investing in real estate. That experience, he says, enabled him to build relationships with some of the wealthiest investors in New York.
Mensah transitioned to Morgan Stanley, taking a position in the investment banking division. There he gained an understanding of Acquisitions, Investment Control and Asset Management as part of the $15 billion Morgan Stanley Private Equity real estate funds. “I was exposed to various types of financial tools and products and learned how to effectively use those tools to help people manage their wealth.”
Fulfilling his desire of helping the masses, Mensah, utilizing the knowledge and experience he gained throughout his career, created a financial education and coaching firm with the mission of transforming all communities regardless of financial standing in the areas of financial education, leadership and overall wealth management. He works with individuals, families and businesses. Located on Wall Street, he is the senior director of his own firm, Loyan Mensah and Associates.
“Loyan is a highly sought-after voice that has been featured on empowerment tours, college campuses, keynote speaking engagements, radio and in professional development workshops and now he is bringing his passion and knowledge to Pittsburgh,” said Reed, who feels fortunate to have him as her partner and mentor.
Excited to introduce WFG to the region, Reed says her goal at 6:30 p.m., Oct. 11, is to introduce the audience to a meaningful and successful business opportunity that will help families secure their future by applying key financial concepts. “Building a strong financial base now enables you to pass wealth to future generations creating a legacy.”
Reed and Mensah agree that in today’s economy, people need to be able to dream again and feel that WFG is bringing dreams back. “When people know how money really works and begin the process, they can enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing their families are protected financially and they can start dreaming again.”
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