Field Negro: "Scary time"?

TWEET MEDid you know that “It’s a scary time for young men in America?” So says Donald trump  What he really meant, of course, was that this is a scary time for white men in America. Because let’s face it, it has always been a scary time for Black men in America. Just ask Trayvon Martin, and Eric Garner. Oh wait, you can’t; they are DEAD.

trump, of course, is just parroting what he heard from his friends over at FOX. They have, in typical FOX manner, declared that it’s open season on white men in America.   Go figure.
It’s funny, Mr. trump wasn’t worried about due process for men when he condemned the men of the  Central Park Five to death.  His fear is saved for the Brett Kavanaughs of the world. Men like him, who have a history of degrading and “allegedly” sexually assaulting women.  Think of all the Black men who have died under questionable circumstances at the hands of the police. And yet you will never hear this clown say that this is a scary time for men of color in America.  So now it’s a scary time, because women are finally speaking out against sexual assault and acts of violence against them by men.
I guess it would have been better for Mr. trump if they all just kept quiet.
Speaking of Mr. trump, remember how he liked to brag that his father only gave him a million dollars to get him started? Well, as it turns out, he was off by about 412 million dollars. Talk about being born on third base. What’s worse, is that his daddy might have actually broken all kinds of tax laws while slipping his fortune to baby trump. No wonder he (trump) didn’t want to release his tax returns.
Anyway, thanks the New York Times and the great reporting they did on the subject, we might be learning more about trump’s shady dealings when it comes to his daddy’s money very soon.


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