Black sports talk show coming to Savoy! And Night School should only be seen at night!

TIFFANY HADDISH stars alongside Kevin Hart in “Night School.” (AP PHOTO)

:10—At long last, a project “7” years in the making will kick off in Pittsburgh with the force of a “Shaq Daddy Mega-Ton Glass Breaking Slam Dunk.” “Champions Live” Sports and Entertainment Talk Show will premiere live every Thursday night beginning Thursday, Nov. 1. The combined effort of Achieving Greatness Inc., CEO, Bill Neal (that would be me!) along with Chuck Sanders, former Penn Hills star, Slippery Rock All-American, Pittsburgh Steeler and owner of the Savoy, along with the New Pittsburgh Courier.
:09—“Champions Live” continued…The show will feature Neal, who has 30-plus years in TV and radio broadcasting beginning at WYEP and continuing through WAMO and several live venues including James Street Café and the Crawford Grill. “Team Champion” will also include veteran sportscaster and NFL scout “Smokin’ Jim” Frazier, University of Pittsburgh basketball star and City League Hall of Famer legend Darelle Porter, Pittsburgh sports specialist Keith Davis and sports author Major Mark Whited. The show will be the only Black-owned, Black-produced and Black-directed sports talk show in Western Pa. and will feature weekly sports celebrities, players, coaches and teams. Doors open at 5:30 p.m. Showtime is at 6:30 p.m.! See ya at the Savoy!!!
:08—Now to the matter at hand. Yes, I am at the game, why wouldn’t I be? The opening drive only supports what I’ve been telling ya out the gate. Le’Veon who? There is no “I” in TEAM; No man is an Island; Dance with the one that comes! You can line up all the ____ that you want. I am dancin’ with James Conner. When you see Conner just think of Rocky Bleier—overcame the odds, overcame adversity, hard-nosed, steel-town mentality. That’s my guy!
:07—Hey Ma…Hey Pa…Here’s a surprise, the Pittsburgh Steelers are running the football. Go figure. You mean to tell me if your offensive line opens holes somebody can actually run through it? WOW!
:06—Oh yea, my prediction for the game—Steelers 34 – Falcons 24. There will be scoring because neither defense can stop anybody. (Editor’s Note: The Steelers ended up winning, 41-17)
:05—BTW…For you dinosaurs, that means “by the way” (OK, you got me, I just learned it myself), we can’t let Tiger and the Ryder Cup team off the hook. Way to go, you bums.
:04—You wanna movie review, yes you do, yes you do! Well you’re going to get it and you’re gonna like it! #1. For the sake of your future go see Fahrenheit 11/9. I am telling you for the second time because I went to see it a second time…it’s that good. #2. Night School should only be seen at night…late at night while everybody’s sleeping. Three funny spots if that! And look, as much as I want Tiffany Haddish to have all her dreams come true, can we please stop with all the “colored jive”…the ghetto lingo! Enough already. Five Basketballs for 11/9. Only two for Night School.
:03—Another thing while I’m venting. Denzel, I know you’re the man. I mean really the man. “King Kong ain’t got nothin’ on you!” But, can you dress it up every now and then. I mean wearing a fitted suit and a tie won’t kill ya. I am just saying!
:02—Back to the Bozo calling the Steelers plays. You get lucky off a penalty, you’re inside the 20, WHY-DON’T-YOU-RUN-THE-DAMN-BALL-LIKE-YOU-DID-THE-LAST-TIME-YOU-WERE-THERE-WITH-CONNER????? C’MON MAN!
:01—So here’s your playbook. Thursday, Nov. 1 you need to be at the Savoy for the premier of “Champions Live” Sports Talk Show. The opening show will feature the 2018 City League Hall of Fame Class. The show will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook. Friday, Nov. 2, back to the Savoy for the Welcome Home Reception for the City League Hall of Fame. Come one, Come all. Hey everybody, Marvin Batts is coming home. Hoo-Rah!
:00—Please vote, vote, vote or can’t you see what Trump and his White House is doing right in front of your open eyes. They just added another (you know what!) to the Supreme Court. So you’re just gonna forget all about Bill Cosby, huh? Ya’ll cold.
O.J….please shut up…forever!
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