Carmack, Batts, Givner lead City League Hall of Fame Class of 2018! (Oct. 17)


:10—As you read this you’re reminded once again that you still don’t have your tickets for the 5th anniversary of the historic Pittsburgh City League High School All Sports Hall of Fame. Following four consecutive sellout years it’s probably not a good idea; but, just to get you moving in the right direction here’s the class of 2018. (The other award categories will follow each week). Rodney Allen – Peabody, Claude Arrington – Carrick, Wilbur Bailey – Carrick, Wayne Copeland – Perry, Gilmore Cummings – Allegheny, David Dinkins – Schenley, Dominique Duck – Westinghouse, Jude Floyd – Peabody, Percy Fonville – West, Mike Ford – Schenley, Marvin Batts – Oliver, Casey Givner – Peabody, Chuck Griffey, Jr. – Perry, Harold Hamlin – Peabody, Margo Hinton –South Hills, Julius Hopson – West, Mike Howard – Schenley, Dana Knapp – Perry, Fred Marshall – West, Kim Martin – Schenley, Mike Ralston – Peabody, Chester Robinson – Carrick, Scott Schultz – Carrick, Charles Stock – Schenley, Stacy Williams – West, Shawn Yancy – West, Hudhaifa Ismaeli – West.
:09—Now a good time to do a little ring kissing here. A Hall of Fame “Thank You” to the New Pittsburgh Courier. Mr. Rod Doss and Stephan Broadus for their 5th consecutive year as primary media sponsor for the City League Hall of Fame. Hey, we’re talking about one of the oldest Black newspapers in America, people! Hoo – Rah!!!
:08—Oh yea, the game, no worries here people. Coach Tomlin and Big Ben have righted the ship. Your Pittsburgh Steelers still own the Cincinnati Bungles. 28-21. Black and Gold win a tough one.
:07—No worries, and I repeat Le’Veon WHO??? Conner SCORES!
:06—Rare as it might be, when I am wrong I’ll admit I am wrong. Pitt is tough enough, fast enough, good enough. Witnessed beating Syracuse last week and taking #5 Notre Dame to the wire this past Saturday under “The Damn Lucky” Golden Dome and without their best defensive player. HAIL TO PITT and Hail to my cousin, Denny Briggs. I’ll never doubt you again.
:05—As you know, I can be a little global on occasion, so here goes…If you don’t vote, you’re part of the “Trump” problem, not the solution…Kanye West = Idiot…The absolute best to everyone affected by Hurricane Michael. Man, Michael was no joke!
:04—Look, the only thing I can hope for is they gave Jim Brown a lot of money to show up with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. If not, it brings the greatest running back in the history of football off the Mount Rushmore of football. I mean, if it’s about the money at age 82, I can live with it. I am just sayin’!
:03—Oh, please shutup about it. “A Star is Born” is good and you know it. Emotional, chick-flick, tear-jerker, yes, all the above. You went because she told you to or…and, you loved it. Yep, me too.
:02—And now, boys and girls, you know why the Steelers have been waiting on Vance McDonald. At 6’4” and 270 pounds he’s a one-man wrecking machine. “He’ll chew you up Rock!” (Rocky III…Mick telling Rocky he can’t beat Clubber Lang. – C’mon people, try to keep up here.)
:01—Wait, say what…Conner scores again! Bell, don’t let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
:00—The wait is over, the time is now. You’ve been waiting and Achieving Greatness will deliver. AGI has teamed up with Chuck Sanders and the Savoy Restaurant to bring you “Champions Live” Sports Talk Show. Live at the Savoy every Thursday starting November 1. Exciting sports talk, celebrities, VIPs, prizes and surprises. Starring yours truly, Smokin Jim Frazier, Darnelle “Dap” Porter, Carmen Bruce, Keith Davis, and ‘”Major” Mark Whited. Free parking, free admission, cash bar, cash kitchen, weekly 50/50. Streamed live by Marcus Robinson and the Pittsburgh Bullets on YouTube and Facebook. Call 412-628-4856 if you want to get on!
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