Bullard, Carmack and Zeglowitch…Not a Law Firm! (Oct. 31)

:10—Well not that kind of law anyway. Coaches Howard Bullard, Pat Carmack and Joe Zeglowitch laid down the law all right; but, it came in the form of push-ups…sit-ups…sprints…suicides…running stairs…but, most importantly with great patience, discipline, teaching, respect and love. Trust me when I tell you as a former coach myself, that’s the only way you invest a quarter of your life, shaping the future of young people. For the effort and commitment, these legendary and superior coaches will be inducted into the 5th Annual Pittsburgh City League High School All-Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, Nov. 3 (more details at the end of this column). Job well done, coaches. Your history speaks loud and clear. Welcome to “The Big Hall!”
:09—On behalf of Achieving Greatness Inc. and my past community service agencies, Five Starr Corporation and The Champions Association, our staffs, boards and volunteers, I want to express our deepest sympathies and condolences to the families and friends of those lost in the tragic domestic violence shooting in Squirrel Hill this past weekend. That said, I want to offer two heartfelt opinions. #1. If you think for one minute that the poison spilling out of Trump’s mouth doesn’t affect this kind of hatred, you’re sadly mistaken. #2. Our Jewish brothers and sisters share in the history of such cruel behavior with Black people. We jointly understand the needless and senseless opposition to our skin color or religion. To the rest of the world, I will remind you of what President Lincoln said – “A house divided against itself cannot stand!” Unfortunately Black people are far too familiar with these kind of tragedies. Wake-up America before it’s too late!!!
:08—To that point, you and everybody you know must, must, must vote. This may be the most important voting period in your life. November 6 is the day.
:07—To that point, the L.A. Dodgers have no – life – left! And, I had them set to win the series. And damn, if we didn’t have it with a 4 – 0 lead going into the 7th inning and they blew it. Boston ended up winning in five games on Sunday night, Oct. 28.
:06—Yea, I am at my spot…none of your business! But, know this…your Pittsburgh Steelers put it on the Browns big time!
:05—Then there’s this…and I can give you this as a single man. If there’s a finer woman on the planet than Jennifer Lopez I clearly haven’t seen her. Oh – my – God!!! That, boys and girls, is your sports update for today.
:04—Pitt beating Duke in football this past Saturday shuts me up…and yes, it shuts you up, too. Yes it does…Yes it does and you know it.
:03—Don’t look now kids but hoops season is upon us. Lakers will make the playoffs, yes “Zik” I am now officially, but, reluctantly a Bron-Bron fan. The Clippers will win it all. Toronto may win the East and Pitt will rise again under the leadership of new Coach Jeff Capel.
:02—Look below this column and find the promo details of “Champions Live” Sports Talk Show premiering live at the Savoy Restaurant this Thursday, Nov. 1, starring yours truly, Darrelle “Dap” Porter, “Smokin Jim” Frazier, Keith Davis “Sindel,” Ken Oglevie and a cast of thousands, every Thursday 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. Doors open at 5:00 p.m., free parking, free admission, but you must eat and/or drink something…C’mon man!
:01—Last call, City Leaguers. As we say it’s your time; it’s your turn! The 5th Annual Pittsburgh City League High School All Sports Hall of Fame Inductions are upon us. Here are your final directions.
Thursday, Nov. 1, all inductees requested to be at the Savoy to appear on Champions Live Sports Talk Show. Free Parking — casual dress — free admission — eating and beverages required — 6 to 9 p.m.
Friday, Nov. 2, come one, come all. Welcome Home Hall of Fame Reception. Free Parking – casual dress – free admission – eating and beverages required – 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 3, Hall of Fame Inductions at the Marriott Hotel Downtown — be aware there is a Pens Game — parking will be tight — reception hour with vendors and 50/50 at 6:00 p.m. — dress to impress — No Tickets Sold At The Door — for tickets you must call the AGI office at 412-628-4856 — if you read the Courier you know the honorees…See ya at the Great Hall!
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