Field Negro: Again!

There was a massacre yesterday in America (no, not what happened to republicans in the House), and another American community has been ripped apart by a tragedy. 
This latest American terrorist slaughtered 12 people and then apparently turned the gun on himself. I will give you one guess (only one) to tell me his race and his gender.
I am not going to write about the NRA or the gun debate in this country, because it won’t do any good. If a school full of little children can get slaughtered and Americans shrug their collective shoulders, what’s 12 more kids partying to country and western music in a club?
Meanwhile, in Washington, a totally unhinged president continues to battle the free press. If you didn’t see his press conference yesterday, please take the time to watch it. It was, in a word, crazy. He called out an  African American  reporter as being racist, and he ordered one of his flunkies to take the microphone from a reporter. He has since revoked that reporter’s White House credentials, after lying that the reporter assaulted the women who went to get the reporter’s microphone. I watched the video tape over and over (not the doctored one the White House put out) and there was no assault. 
Still, I can see why Mr. trump is in a bad mood. He has to know that Mueller is winding up his Russian investigation, and now that the democrats control the House, Washington will be known as subpoena city for the next two years.  Make no mistake, he is doing his best to protect his family and the crooks who surround him. And his first order of business was to fire Jeff Sessions (“the only confederate monument that he didn’t leave standing”), and to hire a sycophant in his place to protect “the family”.
The acting attorney general has already said that he will not recuse himself, and trump said that he could “fire everyone right now”.
“If Robert Mueller is fired, there will be holy hell to pay.”  

That was Lindsey Graham. But that was many rounds of golf ago. He is now trump’s boy, and he is one of the people on team trump making sure that there will notbe hell to pay.
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