I am in God’s will—Are you? (Nov. 7)


On Sunday, Oct. 21, my home church, New Destiny CME, canceled church service. I pondered for a few minutes over what church I would attend. I eventually decided that I would drive to East Hills and attend Petra Ministries, pastored by Bishop Donald Clay.
It proved to be a wonderful decision, because Bishop Clay is an excellent preacher and teacher, and he was in a teaching mood that Sunday. He focused not on the will of God but the established fact that God had included some of us, most of us in his will. It was apparent to me instantly that I had made the right choice attending Petra Ministries.
Bishop Clay started off with the earthly challenge of how we are so concerned about parents or grandparents leaving us something in their will, money, property, etc. Then he reminded us about what God had left us in his will, what he had bequeathed us. It was obvious to me that I was one of those, because I have always realized what God had left me in his will. God had willed me the true understanding of his greatest commandment, LOVE. The understanding was fulfilled under the guidance of my father and mother, true Christians.
My brothers, sister and I were introduced to church and God from our birth. As I grew into maturity and developed a true understanding of Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself, loving and providing for my family. My father’s favorite gospel song was, “I am on the battlefield for my Lord.”
Daddy instilled in me a sense of commitment that it was mandated that I was destined to be not an officer, but a soldier on the BATTLEFIELD OF EQUALITY FOR MY PEOPLE. At the conclusion of church I made a point of congratulating Bishop Donald Clay and I told a number of persons about the message: “GOD’S WILL.”
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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