143 Blacks killed in Allegheny County in the last two years! (Nov. 14)


A total of 143 Blacks have been killed in the last two years in Allegheny County. We have failed to demonstrate the same degree of concern about the apparent self-hate that is transpiring among Blacks as we have the deaths in Squirrel Hill. These 11 deaths that occurred in Squirrel Hill were tragic and they were driven by the “Hate of Jewish People.”
The 143 deaths are ongoing symptoms of one of the most devastating effects of slavery– “Self-Hate.” We have failed to demonstrate the urgency that Black-on-Black killings warrant. Why? We asked the questions such as, “What is wrong with us? Did integration stifle our growth potential? Are Blacks worse off now than yesteryear? Do the Blacks who are doing alright no longer care about those who still live in the inner-city? Do we question how the funerals are paid for, do these families need financial assistance? Are there any children?
“Do you attend a church? If not, why not? If you attend church are you active? If not, why not? Do you have a membership in the NAACP? If not, why not? Do you read the New Pittsburgh Courier?”
The Black church, NAACP, and the New Pittsburgh Courier are three institutions that have stood at the forefront of all positive accomplishments in this nation. Do you currently support all three? If not, why not?
It is imperative that we as a people must demonstrate the same degree of concern for the Black communities as was showed for the residents of Squirrel Hill and being an extension of the Democratic Party.
I have always contended that the Black church was first, before Mandela, Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X, and the Black church has a mandate from God to RESTORE LIFE TO THE BLACK COMMUNITIES.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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