Launch your ‘Level Up!’—Teresa Renee Hunt says your new year begins now, in November


I’ll never forget the day when a friend said to me, “Girl, you’re acting brand new!”
For sure, I wanted to fire back at her, but just as quickly as I felt the “girl let me tell you about yourself” words about to roll off my tongue, I let her words resonate with me and I decided to respond in a new way. After all, she did recognize that there had been a change in me. Now don’t get me wrong, I know “acting brand new” isn’t necessarily a compliment, and when the term was used heavily a few years ago, it was really a way to throw shade, but today I dare to shine a new perspective on the phrase and affirm that change is indeed positive.
Too often, whether overtly or subliminally, we can tear people down when they are trying to “level up.” Acting differently, choosing to do things like you’ve never done them before, and displaying new characteristics is not a sign of believing you’re better than others, but instead, it’s a sign of blossoming and personal growth.
[pullquote]“The next time somebody dares to say, ‘Girl, you’re acting brand new,’ simply smile, take the compliment, and know that you’re doing something right. They’re not throwing shade, they are actually seeing your light!”
[/pullquote]At this time, it’s November, and we are well into the fourth quarter of the year. In between the hustle and bustle of the fast-approaching holiday season, this is also the time when people are mapping out their new plans. Reflection is high on our priority list because we realize that in less than 2 months, we will be ushering in the new year. Business plans are underway, vacations are being planned, and personal development goals are being slated for 2019. While casting your vision and creating plans is great, I challenge you to remember that the personal goals you have for yourself can start now. You can launch into your level up season today and your new year can start now. Change is not the result of a new year, but it’s the result of a renewed mind. It’s time to shift your mindset and embrace the truth about acting brand new. Your lifestyle should reflect new habits when you level up. Your circle may very well change when you shift from merely existing to living. The places you go will change when you commit to growing and bettering yourself. Change is the direct result of your personal evolution and you don’t have to wait until January to make a new resolution.
Here’s how you can level up and C.H.A.N.G.E. your life right now:
C—CONDUCT a review of your life. Continue engaging in and pursuing only those things which are compatible with your purpose and your mission. Chip away that which is hindering your progress.
H—HONE in on your natural abilities, expertise, and skills. Be committed to developing your gifts so that you can increase your impact and your income.
A—ABOLISH negative thoughts around the concept of acting brand new and leveling up. Accept the fact that you are allowed to change. Give yourself permission to think differently, act differently, and be different, too! The world doesn’t need another copy, we need you!
N—NO more waiting! Go on and put in the work needed to make your hopes, dreams, and vision your reality. Having a renewed mindset is great, but faith without works is dead. Get moving! Kick fear to the curb, go get your blessing, and go live the abundant life God said is yours!
G—GUARD your peace. If you truly want to level up and experience new outcomes in all areas of your life, you must protect yourself from the perils that try to knock you off track as you aim to change. Establish mental, physical, financial, spiritual, and emotional goals as well as boundaries.
E—EXPECT! Your harvest and outcomes will only be as great as your expectation. It’s your hope, expectation, and faith that will fuel every step mentioned above and keep you pursuing your new goals. As you are dedicated to your own personal development, expect that your life will level up!
So, the next time somebody dares to say, “Girl, you’re acting brand new,” simply smile, take the compliment, and know that you’re doing something right. They’re not throwing shade, they are actually seeing your light!
(Teresa Renee Hunt is a Pittsburgh-based Life-Makeover Strategist, Motivational Speaker, and Educator who empowers her audience to live with intention, make purposeful decisions, and overcome personal hindrances so they can experience the reality of their dreams. Follow her on Facebook by searching “Teresa Renee Hunt” or at
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