Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl…and if J-Lo isn't the finest woman on this planet…! (Nov. 28)


:10—Hey, what can I tell ya…I am back! You probably don’t realize it but you need a break from me as much as I do from you cause some of “ya’ll” are hard-headed! Case in point, I told you Le’Veon was history weeks ago and you just wouldn’t let go. Then I told you that Conner would be the man and you had a hard time with that. So here’s this…the Steelers will beat Denver (oops, wrong about that!); they will beat the Chargers this Sunday night; they will go old school and beat Oakland down (always payback for the “criminal element” days); they will beat New England and it won’t be a close game; and, yes, Little Johnny, they will upset the Saints. Obviously, the Bungles pose no problem on Dec. 30. And all of that, boys and girls, you can Take – To – The – Bank!!!
:09—I gotta feelin’, Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl again!
:08—OK, so now you want conversation about your Pittsburgh Penguins. Well, here’s what I can tell ya. They beat the Columbus Blue Jackets, 4–2. That’s two wins in nine games, and they’re dead last in the Metropolitan Division. Now go forth, be well and prosper! (And, for you know who…there’s your Pens update. You know who you are!)
:07—Speaking of Win–Loss records. Let the Eagles’ 4-6 record tell you two things. #1. That repeat thing ain’t no joke. You can be riding high in April and back down in May. What you did last year affords you no guarantees. #2. Helps you better appreciate the Black and Gold Dynasty does it not?!?!
:06—No, I am not going to say we turned the light on the Pitt football team to soon. Let’s call the Miami trip a mental breakdown last weekend as they looked ahead to Clemson. But, if Clemson thumps them this Saturday night in the ACC Championship Game (Dec. 1), you can turn out the light!
:05—This just in…If Jennifer Lopez is not the finest woman on the planet…sorry, she’s so fine I don’t have a punchline here. And, if you don’t think I regret our break-up every day of my life you’re sadly mistaken! All that and more when we bring back the top ten finest women in the world list to close out the year. Yee Hah!!
:04—BTW, don’t listen to those lone voices in the wind; The movie “Creed II” is all that. Granted it’s not Rocky III, but, there may never be another “Clubber Lane.” And, it’s not quite the original “Creed.” But it is good. I give it 3 basketballs.
:03—And, for what it’s worth and for my money, enough of this old man dying with Rocky aka Stallone. Rocky needs to get in one more fight, a bar brawl or something and kick some butt with that music one more time. Maybe he saves the kid in a life and death back alley deal. Give me something, man. Send the Rock out the way he came in…Rough and Tough!
:02—For all you wishful thinkers out there that really believe Phil Mickelson when he said he and Tiger weren’t playing the one-on-one contest for the money. Tell them the next time they play do it for free or donate all the money. C’mon, man!
:01—When you get this you’ll know you’re right on time for “Champions Live” Sports Talk Show brought to you live every Thursday at the Savoy. Doors open at 5 p.m. Show starts at 6:30-7:30 p.m. Streaming live on Facebook and YouTube. Free admission, free parking, cash bar, cash kitchen (please plan to eat and/or drink), VIP and celebrity guests every week brought to you. Presented by Achieving Greatness Inc. and Chuck Sanders. This week’s special guest—the great Hubie Bryant and the Penn Hills Hall of Famer – Big Red!
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