Love Fellowship Church Founders Gala 2018 (Debbie's Lifestyles Photos Nov. 28)

PASTOR & BISHOP BROCK—Lisa and David Brock (Photos by Debbie Norrell)

On Oct. 20, the design team of Deborah Moncrief and Keith and Karl Edmonds, in preparation for the 2018 Love Fellowship Church Founders Gala, transformed the Rodi Road Comfort Inn. Guests arrived on the red carpet and entered the ballroom that was fit for a king and queen. Shades of purple and gold surrounded the room. Guests enjoyed a delightful meal and the smooth vocal sounds of Anita Levels while celebrating the 55th birthday of Bishop David A. Brock and 42 years in the ministry.

Words of expression were delivered to the Brocks by: David Dixon, Dr. Howard Slaughter, Yvonne Bishop, Jeremiah Josephs, Bishop J. LaVon Kincaid, Overseer Kendon Gibson and the children of Bishop David A. Brock and Pastor Lisa Brock. The word was delivered by Bishop Joseph McCargo from Baltimore. Bishop McCargo said, “all things work together for the good.”
At the conclusion of the evening gifts were presented to Bishop and Pastor Brock by friends, family and members of the congregation. The final gift to the Brocks was keys to a Bentley and the presentation brought a tear to Bishop Brock’s eye. He said, “there is nothing wrong with having things as long as things don’t have you.” He said to the guests, “tonight you have given me something that is priceless, you have given me your time by celebrating with me tonight.”
Love Fellowship Church is located in Turtle Creek at 232 Church Street Extension.
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