Some colored folks still serve Old Massa! Three of "us" vote out Pittsburgh Public Schools Board President Dr. Regina Holley (Dec. 12)


History states that slavery was ended in the year 1864. However, there have been some ongoing negative effects that have transcended the centuries including the present. One of the most tragic residues of slavery is that there are those persons who are disciples of SELF-HATE. These persons have proven to be extremely detrimental to the growth of Black communities. For example, there are those persons who apply for positions with credentials and also an emphasis on being a minority, but upon being hired assumed the role of being the house n___er. They look down on other Blacks in lesser positions until their job is in jeopardy, and then they cry out, “I am a brother (or sister), help me.” Then there have been those persons who change their names to so-called “free names” or simply use X.
How many Blacks have ever been endorsed by Blacks for the positions of state Senate or Congress in Western Pa.? Colored politicians, who were colored proponents of self-hate, soundly defeated the few Blacks who had the courage to run. I will always remember a courageous Black man, Paul Green, who ran in a district that was 85 percent colored and 15 percent White. The White man was re-elected by a 7 to 1 margin and an elderly Black woman smacked the Black man for daring to run. A definite example of SELF-HATE.
Across this nation a great number of cities, large and small, have elected Black mayors, but definitely not Pittsburgh. A number of years ago a Black attorney, Byrd R. Brown, ran for the position of Mayor of Pittsburgh, and was the most overqualified person to ever seek the position. A number of lifelong influential colored persons, who were active in the Democratic Party, led the fight to defeat Byrd, another blatant example of self-hate. They used the weak, flawed argument that he was married to a White woman, but his opponent was White and married to a White man.
Yes, once again, these merchants of self-hate prevailed, and we know all of them.
Two weeks ago Pittsburgh was subjected to one of the most blatant examples of self-hate in the history of this city, the reorganizing of the Pittsburgh Public School Board. There were those of us who were immensely proud that for the first time in history the majority of the Pittsburgh Public School Board consisted of five Black persons. However, in the last Pittsburgh Public School Board election, Regina Holley, the most qualified, committed, concerned and dedicated person ever elected to position of School Board President, was defeated. How could that happen with FIVE BLACKS VOTING? Three of them became colored and voted against Dr. Holley. I should have titled this column, “SELF-HATE.”
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
Editor’s Note: Dr. Regina Holley is still a PPS board member, but no longer serving as board president.
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