EMANON Celebrates 2018 (Debbie’s Lifestyles Photos Jan. 9)

WHEN I THINK OF HOME—The crowd loves Flo Wilson

The official title of the annual EMANON gathering (no name spelled backwards) is “Yuletide Party.” The members of EMANON select this time of the year to invite friends to dine, dance and have a good time. Their motto has always been, “ain’t no party like an EMANON party because an EMANON party don’t stop.”

From the time guests walked in to the Penn Hills Comfort Inn on Dec. 9, 2018, they were engaged in a fun packed icebreaker that allows them to mingle with old and new friends. After the icebreaker it’s the meal, prizes, surprises and dancing to the Flo Wilson Band. As always, Wilson blew the crowd away with her rendition of “Home.” Since its inception in 1954 by graduate students at the University of Pittsburgh to meet the diverse social needs of a large university campus, EMANON has claimed the title as the second-oldest men’s social club in Pittsburgh. Second only to the FROGS.
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