Surviving R. Kelly (Jan. 9)


I never paid much attention to R. Kelly. However I do remember when Wendy Williams, who was on the radio at the time, talked about the infamous sex tape reported to be Kelly and a young lady about 14 years of age. People were buying bootleg copies of the tape and for a while it was big news. At some point I bought the “Chocolate Factory” and “Love Letters” albums and I really like both. And then “Surviving R. Kelly” came on Lifetime.
Oh my God. Before the main event came on they aired the 2014 made-for TV movie, “Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B.” It gave me good background on the relationship between Kelly and Aaliyah and Aaliyah and Damon Dash. The film premiered on the Lifetime Channel on Nov. 15, 2014 and was met with criticism in its early stages of production due to Aaliyah’s family’s disapproval of Lifetime’s choice to create the film. The film drew 3.2 million viewers upon its premiere.
Many people are asking why Lifetime decided to do the documentary at this time. Was it due to the #metoo movement? I could not find a concrete answer to this question but did find that research has been going on for a very long time. According to court records there have been a lot of young ladies that have been paid off by Kelly. Even Aaliyah’s mother denied that her daughter married Kelly when she was 15 and he was 27. She claims she was with her at all times and there is no way that the things that are alleged in the movie could have happened. However, a former employee of R. Kelly’s said he assisted with the falsifying of records on the marriage certificate.
There are a lot of people that are not telling the truth and they are still covering for Kelly. So if you are wondering how was Kelly found innocent after jurors watched a sex tape that I am told clearly shows Kelly in sex acts with a minor, it is because the girl says it was not her, her parents said it was not her even though many testified that it was her and Kelly for sure. There was an interview with a juror that was disturbing. John Petrean, one of the jurors who acquitted Kelly said, “I just didn’t believe them, the woman’s [sic]” he said. “I know it sounds ridiculous—the way they dress, the way they act. I didn’t like them…I disregarded all what they said.”
In my humble opinion the man did not look qualified to be on the jury but he was a representative of whom decided to set a predator free. Another thing that hit me was when they were telling the stories of the women they talked about how Kelly would withhold food from the ladies and they were told to stay in their rooms and call him Daddy. He had to move out of the Atlanta house because he did not pay the $30,000 monthly rent. I say watch it and learn.
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