The home life must be reconstructed (Jan. 9)


Across this nation of ours there exists a multitude of devastating problems. There are too many single-parent families, an unbelievable lack of affordable housing, lack of quality education, obstacles that prohibit Black men from adequately providing for their families, politicians, both Black and White, who fail to develop legislation that will provide these men with legal enforced opportunities to provide for their families. The overwhelming majority of Black politicians’ first commitment is to their political party and the persons who elected them. Secondly, too many Black persons, who pose as preachers, are eloquent speakers, well-educated, lots of style, good showpersons, but fail to be true servants of the God they profess to serve.
Those persons who have elected or appointed authority and responsibility to address the above problems lack the will to resolve them. The drug problems in the Black communities are usually addressed by discussing increasing the sentencing. The ever-increasing drug problem in the White communities is addressed by increasing the drug, Narcan.
It is an absolute conviction of mine that the problems that threaten to overwhelm the Black communities can best be solved by the RECONSTRUCTION OF THE HOME. Black men must be afforded an equal opportunity to provide for his family to help him become daddy, provider, husband, businessman, homeowner.
There are still a number of us living who witnessed the rebuilding of Garfield, North Side, East Liberty, and Lawrenceville. The major question that I have constantly asked over the last 10 years or longer is how many Blacks, if any, ever received a major contract and how many worked. I also have written for the last 20 years that STATISTICS DON’T LIE, BUT THOSE WHO COMPILE THEM DO.
(Louis “Hop” Kendrick is a contributor to the New Pittsburgh Courier.)
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