Field Negro: Did he get a Whopper from Burger King?

I am glad that they finally caught the little monster who murdered five people in Louisiana. Apparently he was on his way to see his grandmother and to murder her as well.
Most of us were not surprised to see that he was taken alive. Because, well , he was White.
Let’s face it, had Dakota Theriot looked like Treyvon Martin, we would be celebrating how law enforcement officials in Virginia saved taxpayers money by putting down the little monster.
Picture this. Theriot approached the scene where he was captured with his gun drawn and pointed at law enforcement officials, and he was still taken alive. Keep in mind that they already knew that he had already killed five people, was “extremely dangerous”, and still they couldn’t kill the monster who looked like the boy next door. I mean he could be one of their sons for crying out loud.
This of course is nothing new. The most recent example is that of Zephen Xaver.  All he did was slaughter five innocent human beings in a Florida bank before calling 911 to come and take him peacefully. (A wall wouldn’t have kept him out, either. He was one of “us”.) Of course, as was expected, law enforcement officials did just that.
The running joke in the Black online community is that whenever we hear about one of these shootings, we can tell the race of the perp depending on whether he was taken alive or not. This has always been the case, but we really started to pay attention after Dylann Roof murdered those nine innocent church goers in South Carolina. After his horrific crime, he was incredibly brought a Whopper from Burger King by law enforcement officials before being arrested.
Imagine if you are the parents of Tamir Rice and have to watch all of this kind of stuff go down. He was only 12 years old when he was shot and killed by law enforcement officials for playing with a toy gun in a park. Contrast his treatment with that of the animals mentioned above.
His only crime was being born Black in America. There will be no trip to Burger King and a Whopper for him.
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