Benedict Arnolds—Are some current and former Steelers turning on the team and Tomlin? (Feb. 13)

There has been a cluster of “soap opera-ish” clouds hanging over the Pittsburgh Steelers since before the beginning of their 2018 season. Those clouds of uncertainty continue to loom over the well-being of the Black and Gold in particular as well as the Steeler nation in particular. I am now going to take on the role of “social meteorologist” and prognosticator regarding the present and possibly the future of the squad from the Steel City.
Cloud #1, Le’Veon Bell: rain, rain, go away please don’t come back until after March 13, 2019. Before the 2018 season began, “As Le’Veon Turns” was the beginning of the soapbox era for the Steelers. Mr. Bell appears to be running at warp speed toward the NFL free agency market in 2019. He sat out the entire 2018 season and didn’t even show up to sign his 2018 franchise-tagged salary of about $14 million—as of today it appears as if he has now evolved into a thoroughbred “USDA dumba__.”
According to TMZ: Bell told cops he “didn’t know you could get a DUI for being high… and admitted to smoking a couple hours before the incident.”
After all of that drama and suspension, he was still welcomed back with open arms. The Steelers’ arms and hands were empty; Bell had a few hidden daggers waiting for the Steelers management and coaches to turn their backs even after he suffered two season-ending injuries.
Cloud #2, Antonio Brown: the “team” called me! The “clown” named Brown allegedly purchased $500,000 worth of jewelry, yet allegedly got into a domestic dispute over money for a haircut!
Brown seemed to be just an afterthought when the Steelers picked him in the sixth round of the 2010 NFL draft. He was the 22nd of 27 wide receivers selected in the draft. This former special teams ace (Brown was lucky to even make the 2010 squad) personally forfeited his role in the 2018 end-of-season game vs. the Cincinnati Bengals in a game that could have decided if the Steelers would have advanced to the playoffs. Brown and the apparently bitter ex-Steelers linebacker James Harrison watched, mocked and even appeared to celebrate Mike Tomlin’s 2018 season-ending press conference. This ungrateful behavior from Antonio Brown, a mere sixth round draft pick who did everything from begging, kissing boots and other things just to make the squad. The Steelers should ship Brown out on a submarine with a slow leak.
Cloud #3, ex-Steeler James Harrison: brawny, definitely yes, brainy, maybe not so much. James Harrison, a linebacker cut three times previously by NFL teams, twice by the Steelers and once by the Ravens. Harrison was signed in 2003 by the Ravens after being cut by the Steelers in 2002. The Ravens sent him to NFL Europe before eventually releasing him. He re-signed with the Steelers; left Pittsburgh for a short stint with the Bengals. He returned to the Steelers, retired briefly, returned and signed with the Patriots until he retired for good at the end of the 2017 season. His new vocation is bashing Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin while simultaneously seeking fame, fortune, glory and attention in Hollywood. If he could lift weights with his brains, he’d be truly dangerous.
Cloud #4, Ben Roethlisberger: the “untouchable one.” Once an NFL QB who could scramble and throw on the run as good as any signal-caller in history, oftentimes it seemed as if his second job was to screw up and wait for a bus to approach so that he could toss his teammates under it. On sheer numbers alone, Roethlisberger should be a lock to be inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame. He admits that it is difficult for him to relate with some of his teammates. On that note, he may be a shoo-in for the “hall of shame.”
The Steelers will eventually taste success again but they must remove the “social” cancers and drama in order to do so.
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