‘Best of the Batch’ Foundation scores again! (Feb. 20)

:10—There’s a reason that former Pittsburgh Steeler quarterback Charlie Batch still stands tall even after his playing days. It’s because he’s never forgotten where he’s from and what he stands for. The Munhall-Steel Valley grad who made his way to two Super Bowl rings with the Steelers by way of Robert Morris University and Eastern Michigan University before becoming a second-round pick by the Detroit Lions. After a highly-decorated 15-year pro career, he came home to establish “The Best of the Batch” Foundation. The nonprofit organization is devoted to improving the lives of children and families in distressed communities by building character, self-esteem and appreciation for education.
:09—We want to take this opportunity to offer our heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the great Jimmy Cvetic. The retired police detective who was…“The Golden Glove!” Jimmy spent over 30 years helping to develop young fighters in the Western PA community as well as the fight game itself. Truly a great man that will truly be missed.
:08—Still with us and still going strong. A Happy “Basketball” Birthday goes out to Jarrett “The Jewel” Durham, the Aliquippa legend who started at Duquesne University, who went on to play with the New York Nets in the ABA, celebrated his 70th.
:07—Speaking of the Dukes…and I was. The Palumbo Center was rockin’ and rollin’ as they put on a show putting out the lights on George Washington University on Saturday, Feb. 16, 85–69.
:06—Let’s dribble to Uptown a bit where the Pitt Panthers took another one on the chin. But as is their way, they went down fighting. A great crowd of 10,000-plus witnessed a really good game, even though Pitt fell to then-No. 22 Virginia Tech, 70–64. Most importantly, “The Pete” was packed. The Oakland Zoo, the noise level and the legends were all on hand. Superstars Billy Knight, Sam Clancy, Terry Knight and Kirk Bruce where all on hand. I know you heard it from me before, but trust me. In two years, Coach Jeff Capel will have this team in the thick of it. Just missing a few parts to the puzzle. A 3-point sharpshooter, a big man presence and some “nasty” and we’ve got a different party here!
:05—Look, that bounce pass Steph Curry gave to Giannis Antetokounmpo was simply the best alley-oop you will ever, ever, ever see in your life. The great Pistol Pete Maravich just threw up a high-5!
:04—If you were under a proverbial rock somewhere, Team LeBron barely got by Team Giannis, 178-164, and the seven-foot wonder Kevin Durant took home MVP honors with 31 points and 10-of-15 from the field.
:03—Hey, tell the Greyhound bus driver to hold that seat next to Le’Veon Bell for Antonio Brown. He’s getting on at the next stop!!!
:02—Anyone that has the name of a public servant you want honored at the Pittsburgh/Allegheny County Public Service Awards should submit their name and number to me asap. The awards are upcoming, March 28.
:01—“Champions Live” Sports Talk Show, brought to you in part by the Savoy Restaurant and in partnership with Achieving Greatness Inc., will honor the Penn Hills State Championship team this Thursday, Feb. 21, at the Savoy at 6 p.m. First come—first seat, free parking, free admission, cash bar, cash kitchen and a ton of fun. Call AGI at 412-628-4856 for information.
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