Win, Lose or Draw…Pitt is still it! B-9 (March 13)


:10—Man, this past Saturday, March 9, was a walk down ole memory lane. Hit the floor at 6 a.m. “Sun was shining—plenty of light” (Temptations—“Since I Lost My Baby”—1964—try to keep up). Anyway, I got that old Pitt Field House feeling. Wanted to get going, get to the game, get the party started. Remember the Glory Days, Billy Knight, Kirk Bruce, Larry Harris, Sam Clancy, Clyde Vaughn, Charles Smith. An endless list of superstars and of course “Coach Girg.” Man-oh-man, those were the days. The Golden Panther breakfast, the sell-out crowds and most of all, the great times. Well, I can tell ya for a fact the good times are back. No, they may not equal the level that was produced when Billy was clearly “The Knight,” when Jerome “Owned the Glass,” before Charles was “the Toast of New York” and, when Sam “brought the Bam!” Nonetheless, these young men—“not kids”—are playing good old school basketball. A lot of energy, hard-nosed defense and a too-legit-to-quit attitude. You saw some good signs with Pitt defeating Notre Dame, 56-53, in the final home game of the year on March 9. The Pitt Panther basketball program is back on the map. Coach Jeff Capel has brought that Duke winning mentality to the ‘Burgh and given all that’s been accomplished along with the next recruiting class, the best is yet to come.
:09—For the record, the best team in town just might be the Duquesne Dukes women’s basketball team. Check out the Lady Dukes as they host the A-10 tournament this year.
:08—BTW…the Pens will make the playoffs and will challenge for the Stanley Cup. That’s all I can tell ya. Don’t get me wrong, I’d like to tell you more but, as you well know, when it comes to the hockey puck, I don’t know more.
:07—Here’s your newly established “Idiot of the Week” listing. #1. And still holding onto first place after a two-year run—Donald Trump. #2. And, all by his sick self—R. Kelly…and look, this is when you know you’re sick…when you actually believe the stuff coming out of your mouth. And locking down #3—your boy—not mine—Antonio Brown. (Keep this to yourself. I don’t want it to get out that I said it, but I hope they trade him to a team in the new AAF football league. I am just saying!
:06—Here’s your movie tip, and this week is easy. No stars, no basketballs, just silly and funny. Go see “Madea’s Family Funeral” and just laugh. That’s it!
:05—For the conversation of it all, can someone please explain to me just one more time why Sam Clancy’s uniform is not retired and hanging on this wall at the Pete? Along with several other legends they’ve overlooked…Jennifer Bruce, former all-time scoring leader, Larry Harris, current all-time scoring leader. C’mon Man!
:04—This just in, the folks in “The Locker Room” want me to tell our editor and publisher, Mr. Rod Doss and our new managing editor, Rob Taylor, that they want four weeks in the paper, not three. I ain’t telling them nothin’. I know exactly where my bread is buttered. Now shut up, Locker Room! (Oh yea, speaking of the Locker, let’s welcome my man Greg Down at the Kingsley Center in the Room. Keep on reading, my brother…)
:03—Be reminded…please direct your donations to the R. Kelly Defense Fund to “I Am Going To Hell For…”
:02—Achieving Greatness Inc., Attorney Jack Goodrich and Champions Live Sports Talk show hosted an award presentation celebration for the Penn Hills High School 5A State Championship Football Team.
:01—At the buzzer…I mean no disrespect to the Panthers’ defensive effort, but, Pitt won over Notre Dame, 56-53, because I wore the Tony Dorsett “Classic Throwback” shirt. The only one in the building…coincidence??? I think not. To which it tells me I should have worn my Chuck Cooper throwback to the Duquesne games, they got slapped by Dayton, 78-67.
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