Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown…they’re gone…good! (March 20)


:10—By now, you know my position on “your boys” Le’Veon “miscalculated” Bell and Antonino “Gotcha” Brown. They say if you can’t say anything good about someone leaving, then don’t say anything at all. Well, let me say this…they’re gone….Good!!!
:09—Here are your top five reasons why we no longer care! #1. The locker room is going to be a better place now. #2. Ben can now stop throwing interceptions trying to throw forced passes to a double-covered Brown. #3. No more smokin’ and speeding on McKnight Road. #4. Enough with the showboating, whining and complaining from both divas. #5. Karma here…see how you like your upcoming losing seasons with the Jets and Raiders.
:08—The Cleveland Browns are about to become real legit with the addition of Odell Beckham Jr., but, don’t ink them in for the Super Bowl just yet. It takes more than a notion to mold a winner, just ask LeBron.
:07—Coach Capel aka “Coach Able” logged in a quality season with some good and some bad basketball. But, overall, a masterful job in turning the Pitt program around, packing the Pete once again and creating a winning attitude. Beating Boston College in the first round of the ACC tournament…Not Bad!
:06—Hail to the legend Dick Groat as he closed out his “40 years” of radio broadcasting with the great voice of Bill Hillgrove. The two-time, Duke All-American baseball and basketball player who played both professionally and with the Pittsburgh Pirates remains one of the sport’s greatest athletes.
:05—You’re pretty quick to write of LBJ and the Lakers probably because you’ve got a short memory. You’re obviously forgetting his championship ways in Miami and Cleveland. Just let him get the parts he needs.
:04—Hey, the Pittsburgh Pirates open their season March 28 in Cincinnati, and the home-opener is April 1. Let’s Go Bucs!…No, please…Let’s Go Bucs!
:03—Still missing in action…Bill Withers, Anita Baker, that cat that jumped out the plane with the $100,000, a reason why Jim Brown was at the White House with Kanye West and for real for real…where is O.J.?
:02—I’ll tell ya who we ain’t missing…Vince Carter at 42 years and still going…“Manster” is still dunkin’ and still playing at a high level. Amazing!
:01—Champions Live was on fire at the Savoy last week. For the first time, an all-ladies panel featuring co-host Alexis Cobb, organ donation spokesperson Joy Starzl—wife of legendary surgeon Thomas Starzl, Brenda Tate and the lovely Brittany Graham (a proud and positive heart transplant recipient). You Go Girls! Oh yea, by the way, we had 4-time Pittsburgh Steeler Super Bowl Champion J.T. Thomas on also. (Whatever!)
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